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Hi, please read need motivation

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Hello, I am currently attending Palomar college in southern california. I am around a 7-8 handicap in regular day and a bit higher in tournaments. I am going to get a membership at the local golf course beginning in January. Although I am going to be going to classes full time (12 credits) next semester I am going to dedicate as much time as possible to golf. I am going to be transferring only after the spring semester of 2014 so I have 1.5 years before that. My goal is to be a +5 at the end of December 31,2013 and I am confident in my work ethic and motivation to reach this with the correct amount of practicing on the right things and being meticulous on improving my golf swing and short game and self-analyzing everyday to fix my leaks and holes. I will have a monthly update beginning February 1,2013 that is if we all survive the impending December 21,2012 lol. Hope you guys enjoy the blog.

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Welcome to the site!  Good luck improving your game, going from a 7 to a plus 5 in one year is a huuuuuuuuge undertaking.  Make sure to make achievable "baby step" goals.


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I look forward to following your progress.
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