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To the OP - -go to a PGATour event and walk onto the practice tee. 

Watch ANY player hit ONE long iron and then ask yourself what your chances are as you see his ball  sail into the distance and out of sight, with a sound you've never heard before.

I can't wait to hear that sound for the first time! 

btw....this thread is hilarious

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The more technical you get the longer the journey. If you can play to a 10. Then work within yourself, with instruction. NO golf pro can fix you to a point of 0. You have to understand YOUR swing and play Your game. Work and refine what you do best.

Pros teach swing and not the game itself. (At least the 4-5 I have been to.) Stick to the same guy and get comfortable. Then play and refine.

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I honestly believe the most overlooked detail (in this thread) of becoming the "#1 ranked" golfer, or whatever, is that you will have to come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars to support yourself as you work your way up the various tours. If you have enough money to do that, and are willing to spend all of that money then . . . I have a magic swing potion for sale. PM me for details.

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Hi, thanks to everyone for posting. I found the one's calling me delusional especially funny they gave me a laugh so thanks for that I take no offense to it one bit as I understand human beings are prone to be skeptical on something that is considered out of reach. I guess I will make my first update. Finished my finals for my classes so I have had a bit of time to begin to work on things. I am basically working on a few things on the table from taking lessons sporadically over the last couple years but never really practicing it. Let me begin by saying I am left handed. To the poster on the first page and post my before swings and update every month or so on my swing and the progress being made. Ok so the things I am working on are somewhat numerous and tedious in numbers. First thing I am working on is getting my takeaway in plane (it is outside the plane at the moment), I tend to pick up the club at takeaway as well so I need to iron and smooth that out as well, at takeaway my arms get disconnected from my body so I need to work on staying connected, at the top of my swing I overhinge my wrists once I get to the top so I have to learn how to eliminate the overhinge by trying to keep the swing shorter and pausing at the top, I come across the plane in my downswing so I have to fix that, hands are too high at impact and too close to the body which is one reason of several reasons I get stuck, at impact my right arm bends and collapses through post impact, I lose my spine angle and tend to stand up at impact so I have to work on that, which also causes my left leg to straighten up pre impact, my hips rotate backwards for a split second at impact which is another reason for my swing to severly break apart which causes my lower body and upper body to get completely disconnected as my upper body has already completed turning while my lower body is lagging behind. These are the things I have to work on for the next couple months and improve the fundamentals. Also to the previous poster asking about where I am planning on taking lessons I am contemplating about getting lessons from a real coach and spend the extra money and going to pebble beach and taking lessons from one of the accoladed instructors there. 



WOW.....  I wish you lot's of luck......   You are no Stupid Monkey!!!!!  :surrender:          



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Do you realize that a +5 is going to average below 63 on a course rated at 68.0 which is a common rating?  Never even seen anyone on TV that good.

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This thread isn't dead yet? I'm pretty sure I remember the OP saying he will update us regularly..

Please don't tell me that a few discouraging replies and the OP is gone MIA??

I'm disappointed for sure!
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Okay let's just settle this...if you were playing a 1 at 14, you were obviously one of the best High School golfers in at least your home state.  Thus being the case, surely there are archived news articles detailing your achievements at that level readily available on the internet.  Links to those articles to prove your claims please? 

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