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Golfing Holiday 2013 – Advice!!

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Hey Guys,


This year (2012) I have missed out on a lot of golf due to work and other commitments and I have decided to plan an annual (if my finances let me) "Golfing Holiday" starting in 2013. Obviously I would like to do a little more than golf but would love to ensure I see the best courses and meet some cool people/golfers on my trip.


That said, I am from the Gold Coast in Australia where it is golfing season all year round which I know is not the case around the world (sorry to rub it in haha)


I was initially thinking UK and Ireland for 2013 which as far as google tells me the best time is July/August...


Has anyone been on a "Golfing Holiday" or could recommend somewhere different? The other scenario I was thinking was it would be cool if I organised it to coincide with a Major Tournament or Event that I could go to or something...


Anyways, let me know your thoughts so I can make the most of it!



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There are some great courses over here in the UK, but why take a risk getting wet, even our summers can be awful, this year in particular. I went to La Manga in Spain earlier this year, there are three great courses there and the weather is pretty well guaranteed, check out their website or look at some of the videos posted on youtube.

Let us know where you end up!

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Yeah I have been told Spain by a few other contacts as well so I will definitely be looking into that option.

Apart from trying to coincide the trip with a major tournament I have been trying to look at other golf related things to do while travelling but can only really think of shopping (golf stores) and maybe trying to tee up a lesson or something...

Can you think of anything else that I could look into?
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Portugal is also good, especially around Villamoura - they have a tour event on the Victoria course late in the European season.


The Old Course is a fantastic test, San Lorenzo is spectacular, Monte Rei (Sp?) is supposed to be fantastic not played there though.


I went to La Manga a couple of years ago, it was a little tired, past its late 80's best - all the EPL teams head to Dubai now!


La Cala is a fantastic if quiet resort, 3 really good tests of golf all on your doorstep, not too far from Torrequbrada which is sensational.


For an "out there" choice Bulgaria has 3 super courses on the Black Sea coast near Varna, Thracian Cliffs is unbelievably spectular - I put a few pics on the Courses forum a few months back. It is hosting the Matchplay event on the European Tour next year.


With any holiday booking the golf up front considerably cheapens the price especially in Spain & Portugal.


English weather...... anytime between late Apil and end of September could be fantastic - alternatively it could be grim. The Lancashire coast from Liverpool up to Blackpool especially around Southport has a stupid number of world class links courses - Lytham & Birkdale obviously but also S&A, Hillside, Formby, West Lancs etc etc etc

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Wansteadimp that's great content, thanks heaps! Some really good insight which I will have to look into further... I have always wanted to go to Dubai though as I am an Engineer and interested in all the unique structures etc.

But yeah thanks again for your feedback.
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Hi Mate, just thought I’d throw a few suggestions at Ya.


Pending on when you elect to travel, and the length of time you intend to spend,

there are many great options to consider.


If you are interested in playing in Ireland or Scotland, then yes, July/August would be appropriate. I can speak from my experience going to Ireland, it was the greatest golf trip I have ever had. Yes, you can expect to possible play in cooler temps and the possibilities of rain showers are potentially great. But, the experience is a lifelong remembrance.

You could possible attend both the Open and the Senior Open during this time frame.

Ireland has many great courses which to play. Travel around the isle is relatively a hop, skip and a jump to many courses. The Irish are great people; expect to enjoy a few pints with many of the locals in the pubs. Accommodations are abundant with many of the Bed & Breakfast Inns, Manors or Castles. You will need to book tee times at the popular courses a year in advance!


China? Maybe consider this great hidden Gem. Mission Hills Golf Club in southern China's Guangdong Province. Mission Hills is the world's largest -- and bringing in top-shelf talent – catch the HSBC event. They boasted the strongest field ever assembled in Asia.


Dubai?  Incredible, the fastest growing city in the world! Extraordinary structures and achievements, built without any cost considerations. Golf may have its limitations, haven’t honestly explored the possibilities. Attending the Dubai Classic would certainly be worth the time.


Hawaii? Maui, truly paradise. Catch the Tournament of Champions at Kapalua, and then jump over to Honolulu for the Sony Open. Golf is not too shabby on the Isles. There are many great courses to consider.


Then there’s the O’l – “U S of A”  

I traveled many years in the desert Southwest during January / February, visiting friends and playing golf. One year, I attended the Bob Hope Classic, Buick Open at Torrey Pines, then the Phoenix Open. The dessert is truly the Golfing Mecca of the World. Want to add an “Exclamation Point” to your trip. Spend your last two days of the vacation in the city of lost wages – Las Vegas!!!


Of course the spring time always brings joy to everyone’s hearts and it’s Master Time!!!

Tickets are difficult to obtain, but probably available through many travel agents.

Travel the South during your visit and play the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, or the Bobby Jones Courses.


What an Itinerary, think I’ll go pack a few bags myself.


Club Rat

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Hey thanks Club Rat. That info you have provided is great, like you said What an Itinerary!!! Some great points on all those locations and by the sounds of it I’m not going to be disappointed wherever I end up. I was a little shocked when you said I will need to book a year in advance for the popular courses in Ireland/Scotland but just prompts me to get a move on now Christmas is over.


But again, thanks so much for your advice… if I had the money I’d be booking a round the world golfing journey (but wouldn’t we all)!!

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Thailand's the place. Lots of golf interest and courses to play. Northern T'land tops during November to early April, then the weather changes to v v hot. Southern and coastal golf good all year, though can be tropical, of course.  Things to do at night too, everywhere.  Unless high end , T'land won't break the budget. 

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joekelly, I never even thought to go to Thailand. I'm sure that would be a great trip to do with a few mates!! Thanks I'll keep it in mind.

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I was in Maui at Kapalua in September, it was spectacular! I played two rounds, one at Kapalua, and one at Ka'anapali, I was there for my honeymoon so I was happy to get to play two but the hardest thing was trying to focus on the shots because the scenery, i.e. ocean views, were amazing (although I am from Ontario, Canada not Australia so Oceans views are probably harder to come by for me).

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There are so many good places here in the USA. Pebble Beach area, Phoenix area, Pinehurst NC, Myrtle Beach, the entire state of Florida etc..You really could pick any of those and not go wrong. Good golf, good beer and good people. Las Vegas is great also.

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Try looking here, stunning layout in an area where weather is usually great ! 




PGA tour caliber course. 

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Joekelly is right, Thailand is wonderful. Played there is 2001 with a friend from the U.K. and then again last March. We booked a package which included 3 rounds in Vietnam and 6 in Thailand (Pattaya and Bangkok). We then played 3 more in Bangkok area and I stopped off in Japan for one round (expensive). Thailand courses are beautiful and reasonably priced. Hotels are cheap and food is wonderful and very inexpensive. Cannot wait to go back again.

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Hi golfers,


New to forum.


Thought rather than start a new thread on the subject I'd dig up this one.


I am looking to book a golf holiday for later this year, either Spain (Costa Del Sol) or Portugal (Alrgarve).


Was wondering if anyone had any good experiences with golf travel companies? I had seen this company, Golf Amigos, for good deals for in Spain. golf in Costa Del Sol


Anyone used them? Good? Bad?


Any good golf experiences in that area....good courses, hotels etc.





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Hi, welcome.

See my post above, No 4 of this thread, most of that still applies. A friend has now played Monte Rei and thought it was nice enough but well over priced for what it was.

I've also recently posted in the Golf Courses & Architecture thread.


Looking at Golf Amigos site for Costa Del Sol there are some good courses there. The 3 at La Cala are good, Torrequebrada is a favourite.

It depends what you're looking for as far as night life, you should be able to find a nice quiet hotel/villa in the hills around all the courses. If you want a hectic nightlife then Marbella on the Costa Del Sol will give you that, Torremolinos will give you a more down market Englishman abroad nightlife with no sense of being in Spain, Villamorra in Portugal has a a reasonable nightlife but is a bit over reliant on middle age golfers....

As far as travel companies - Golf Breaks have never let me down, My Golf Travel are good ("Tell them Darren sent you"), I've heard good things about Driveline as well.

Both areas are struggling economically and if you book hotel & golf together you'll get fantastic rates, if you decide to book separately you can get really good rates by playing Twilight Golf rather than during peak times.
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If the weather in "Mecca" is suspect, just book your Holiday for Myrtle Beach where there are more golf courses than you can shake a stick at.


I went there for the first time last year and played 5 different courses in 6 days......all at $30 - $40 a round.

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Mmmmh heading to Troon for 4 days golf tomorrow - though not Royal Troon itself. Forecast doesn't look good. Some sun would be good.


Having said that I was in the Carolina's last November and the weather was far from great.


Never had a problem in Spain or Portugal though.

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To the OP, did you get a trip booked?  If not, assuming you don't mind Aussies, there are some wonderful courses in the Melbourne/Victoria "sand belt" region.

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