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Where's Anthony Kim? What ever happened to Anthony Kim?

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i know hes had a string of injuries , but a gentleman by the name of huston ohaire long drive champion was telling me hes in rehab, for partying too hard , can anyone else confirm this? i mean evetybody knows he loves to party, ive personally seen him party on thanxgiving in 2008 at a local bar in the desert but it would be hard to beleive the  guy seem like a good fellow!!!

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i love watching him play anybody have any updates?

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Originally Posted by uscfan View Post

i love watching him play anybody have any updates?


292nd in the OWGR.


232nd on the 2012 Money List.

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man thats crazy !!! such a good golfer , he made bank this year!!!

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From Wiki. In June 2012, Kim had surgery after injuring the Achilles tendon in his left leg and is expected to miss 9 to 12 months

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Greetings ....

Here's an article from Rotoworld-NBC Sports confirming his current status.

What is not yet known (at least to me, anyway) is how many events Kim will be granted to play in order to keep his 2013 status. The money he earns in those events combined with whatever money was earned in 2012 must be at least equal with the 125th player on the 2012 money list (Keven Chappell, $647,511)

One thing I do know is that if his recovery period extends into July of 2013, he will miss starts in all three of the PGA Tour events he's won to date. In the case of two of these -- Well Fargo (aka Quail Hollow) and AT&T National --- 2013 is the last year he is automatically exempt for those events as a past champion, having won both in 2008. Also, Kim is exempt for the Shell-Houston Open thru 2015 as the 2010 champion.

Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Sport (briefly escaping from Facebook and other Internet pursuits)
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Until AK gives up the party lifestyle and gets serious about golf, he will be known as just another younger player who had a ton of potential and wasted it.

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It doesn't sound like it was partying that is sidelining him at the moment.


I too heard he was a partier.  But I've also read somewhere that he toned partying down considerably.


From the article above, it seems like just health issue at the moment.

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hes a great golfer for sure,want to see the best for him but i have seen him party persoanlly lol he straight drinks like a fish!!! it was thxgiving night in 2008 at niels lounge in indio ca

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2008 is aeons ago. Or does aeon has a plural?
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Where's AK? Probably doing Jello-shots with a stripper.

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Off a stripper, please.
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My favorite Anthony Kim (Golf Related) Partying story


Kim, a very talented and personable young fellow, has admitted to errant behaviour in the past but he is supposed to have cleaned up his act over the last year. Not so, according to Golfweek (and Robert Allenby).


Allenby said friends here witnessed Kim getting back to the team hotel, in Allenby's words, "sideways" at 4 in the morning, less than five hours before his scheduled tee time against Allenby at Harding Park.

"Some guys (from the U.S.) who didn't play well played very well today," Allenby said after the U.S. downed the International team, 19 1/2 - 14 1/2, to win its third consecutive Presidents Cup. Kim, going out in the fourth match of the day, drummed Allenby, 5 and 3, running his record in the matches to 3-1.

"Maybe we should all take the theory of Anthony Kim," Allenby said. "Get home at 4 o'clock (in the morning) and then go shoot 6 under."

Asked if his comments were on the record, Allenby said, "I don't care. Ask his playing partners. Ask his team. He is the loosest cannon in that team."


For his part, Kim denied he didn't get back to his team hotel until 4am, according to Golfweek.

Said Kim, "He said that today? Wow. That's pretty surprising ... I hope that was a joke."

Told it was not, Kim added, "I'm actually pretty surprised that he said that. I was in tip-top shape coming into today. When you get sat out in a match (as Kim did Saturday morning in foursomes), you're out there to prove a point."


Again Kim denied misbehaving and had this to say about Allenby, whom he beat 5&3 on Sunday.


"He may need to go practise a little bit more."

Ouch. The PGA Tour just loves this kind of public slanging match.

As for the rest of us, we can just be happy the Presidents Cup suddenly seemed interesting for once.

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Brutal, not sure how he does it, a hangover does me in. My worst scores of the year were after a long night.

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He needs to heal up and lay off the partying then he might be able to return to his previous form. Now as for playing hung over I've had both ends of it I've shot some good score and awful scores but only seems to really reek havoc on my short game.

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He got injured, then got injured again during this injury. He'll be back in June-ish. And he will be back, I have faith in my man.

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they say the brother is reborn and is selling ladies undergarments.  he invested in an island near samoa is is chilling most. the brother is loked out.

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Scheduled to come back on an MME in July. Took 12 months for his Achilles tear.

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