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Do well with Evolvr and get consistent enough to have a handicap. Hope to be around low 20ish by the end of the season. If I can consistently break 100 by the end of the year I'll consider it to be good progress.
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Originally Posted by bplewis24 View Post

In 2012 I achieved all of my goals except one, and so that is my #1 goal for this year:


1) Become a single-digit handicap.

2) 50% GIR for the year.

3) Shoot an even par round of golf OR the course rating, whichever is higher, in any given round.


If I accomplish any of these (or am on pace to do so, for #2) by mid year, I will throw in another:


4) Get up-and-down 50% of the time


I'd like to amend my goals by adding one: Qualify for the NCGA Club Net Amateur championship.  Qualifying is August 3rd for me at Apple Mountain.  It sucks because I can't hit driver but maybe 3-4 holes on that course max, so working a lot on my mid-to-long irons for tee shot accuracy in hopes of playing well there.

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Last year I set a goal for myself to improve my drives, and I've finally achieved this. Now I've consistently been hitting fairways and have overcome the fear of taking out my driver. My goals for 2013 are the following: 1. Record my first Eagle (Have had 6 or 7 opportunities this year) 2. Beat my personal best score of 84 3. Improve my ball striking with my long irons Can't be that hard right? :)))
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My goals this year are to learn to stop slicing the ball with my 3 iron/Driver and 3 wood and to improve my putting 

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Score a 9 hole round in the 30s, and consistently shoot sub-90s. Getting very close. 


Would also like to card my first eagle...missed a putt yesterday for one by about 2 inches. Argh...

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biggest goal I have this year with what little season I have starting out is to play some full rounds of 18 so I can start to see where my game needs the most ammount of work. might seem like an odd goal for some but with a family of 5 with 2 of those kids 5 years and younger as well as working nights it makes it really hard to play more than 9 holes at a time
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Okay I want to play.


1) Get an eagle (sadly never had one)

2) Shoot a round in the 70s. I have a couple rounds of 80 already this year so that should be doable but I have never done it.

3)Improve my gir percentage to 50%+ in at least 4 rounds in a row

4) Get single digit handicap index


I play a lot of golf and pretty much year round in Charlotte so I will add some more when I hit these. 

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Originally Posted by jefkve View Post

-Establish my handicap

-Break 100

-Play 1 tournament


*May have to revise if I break 100 too early in the year (I HOPE!)

Well, finally broke 100. Next is 95....

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goal #1   Play a round of golf and not lose a ball  a3_biggrin.gif


goal #2   beat my brother in a round of golf.... ( i will find out labor day weekend )  

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Get a more consistent, more powerful golf swing

Break 100

Get ready for next year's golf season where I intend to finish next year with a handicap in the low teens.

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Originally Posted by kevin.chan View Post

1. Break 72 ( lowest score in 2012 is still 72 ) 2. Get down to < 2 Handicap , improve in a all department of my game 3. Make more $ from a guy call Richard H . He has been kicking my butt in 2012 ( he is a 2 HDCper ) 4. Custom Fit a new set of Irons and an Edel putter 5. Attend Aim Point Class - Level 2 and Advanced .


1. Finally played 1 under in 2013 . Next Target for 2013 , play sub  70s.


2. Handicap still at 3.8 , long way to get to 2 .  Need to get more consistent and reduce the error .


3. Getting there 


4. Got myself an Edel in July and putting has been improving. Loving the putter ...


5. Still trying to find the time to do this ( since it is not available in China ) 

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Originally Posted by jefkve View Post

Well, finally broke 100. Next is 95....

Nice Job, Jeff.


My goal is to just not lose any balls on a decently difficult course.f4_glare.gif

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Break 40 in 9 holes. I've hit 40 twice in the past couple weeks...so I'm getting there. Also, score a sub 85 18 hole round. 87 yesterday...so close!

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Originally Posted by RonTheSavage View Post

1. More time on the course and less on the range
2. Improve short game
3. get an official HDCP

I can check these off of my list now. My main goal was to break 100 and I did that each of my last three rounds. My lowest round during this span was a 95 but the coolest thing was i ended the round with the same ball i started with. That ball is now on my desk at work. Gotta sit back and think of some new goals for 2014
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Originally Posted by divot dave View Post

My year end goal for 2013 is to be playing bogey golf or better.
Along the way I expect to achieve certain (obvious) milestones:
1. consistently shoot in the 90's
2. Break 90
3. Play a round without losing a ball d2_doh.gif
4. Improve fairways hit
5. Improve GIR's

I would also like to participate in a tournament or two, but that is less important. 

So, glad to report that I've reached almost all my goals.
I'm regularly scoring in the low to mid 90's... I think I've had maybe 2 rounds that were over 100. My first round of the year was a 90...
Had a really good day earlier this summer shooting an 85... I kept an informal handicap record thru an app... It had me at 15.8, (which I thought was on the low side), before my annual subscription expired with them. But by all accounts I've accomplished my goals except for not losing a ball... Come pretty close tho.
Normally I would tack on some new goals at this point, but there's maybe 2 months of good golf left and I've scaled things back on playing to give the family more attention.
I'm hoping to use the remaining season to groove some tweaks to the swing and give them a test run on the course a few times
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Note: we'll have a "recap" thread, as always, in January. For now, this is still for goals, not recapping your goals. Thank you.

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1) Shoot under 80 35% of the time

2) Handicap under 10 for my home course

3) 30 putts or less a round

4) Put the ball within 10 feet of the hole consistently from 100 yards in

5) Have more fun and quit taking it so seriously :)


Mark in Colorado

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My Goals For 2013 Are As Follow


(1) Get official handicap under 20

(2) Get my avg putts per round under 36

(3) Get my avg dropped shots per round under 2

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