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My goal this year is to continue researching the golf swing to find consistency.  Ill have an awesome round one day followed by not breaking 110 for the next month. 

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Just joined the forum so first time poster here.  


In 2012 I lowered my handicap from a 26 to a 19 and broke 90 three times (87 each time).  My goals for 2013 are:


1. Get handicap below 15

2. Break 90 more frequently

3. Make an eagle

4. Make multiple birdies in a single round (never had more than 1 in a round)  

5. Play Bethpage Black (I live in NYC and have played all bethpage courses except black)

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So my goal is to:

--first practice (not play) everyday, get up everyday at 5am go to the garage and hit balls into

  the optishot or the net until 7--8 oclock, got to the course or work depending on day.

--drop 25 lbs (body wieght obvioulsy), using treadmill and hour or more a day

--maybe a couple lessons with a pro to straighten out my driver--horrible slice.

--drop score to mid to low 70's by December 2013

--Tournament play after January 2014?? hopefully



thats it, sounds easy, or easy to say but itll be a ton of work, but fun as hell and truly rewarding

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My year end goal for 2013 is to be playing bogey golf or better.

Along the way I expect to achieve certain (obvious) milestones:

1. consistently shoot in the 90's

2. Break 90

3. Play a round without losing a ball d2_doh.gif

4. Improve fairways hit

5. Improve GIR's


I would also like to participate in a tournament or two, but that is less important. 

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I would like to Break 80 often enough to improve to a single digit handicap. For some reason, I think that is easier than getting healthier and more flexible.

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-Establish my handicap

-Break 100

-Play 1 tournament


*May have to revise if I break 100 too early in the year (I HOPE!)

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Raise fairway % - current 42.9%

Raise GIR % - current 36.2%

Reduce avg. putts - current 1.89

Reduce scoring avg - current 85.9


Stats are from when I got my Skycaddie. 31 rounds since 8/31.

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Become a better student of the swing and truly understand it.


Relax and enjoy each round I get to play.


Break 80 consistently then reward myself with a set of Mizuno MP-59s.

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Play about 30 rounds, drink some beer, have some laughs and break 90 a few times.

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Next march will mark my anniversary for picking up a club.

I have two goals for the next year

The first is to find a club around my house to join. I really think I'd enjoy getting to know people and playing golf with more than the 3 other people that I Play with now.

The biggest goal I have for next year is to play an entire round with one sleeve of balls. It really wouldn't seem so bad paying so much for balls if I didn't lose so many.
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Improve my wedge game to the point of eliminating those situations where it takes 4 (or more - blech) to get down from 100 yards and in.

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My goal for 2013 would be to get out and practice more. I've had back problems and hope the new off season exercises will allow for it.
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Break 80, score my first eagle and drop my hcp more then 2 points are the goals. But wouldn't mind getting below 10.0:-)
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I just want to become more consistent. I"m sick of playing great for a month and then sucking for a month. I need to hit the driver better this year. Of course if I hit the driver better, then my short game will suck....it's always something.

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My game objective is to improve my consistency off the tee to hit more fairways and thereby hit more greens in regulation.  


  1. My fairways hit was ~40% and GIR 27%.  Objective is >50% and 40%. 
  2. My short game improved to 31.7 putts per round down from 36 with putts per GIR at 2.0 and putts per missed GIR at 1.7.  Objective <2.0 for GIR.
  3. To improve my consistency, I will build on my work with the driver and woods to improve accuracy.


My physical objective is to increase flexibility in my shoulders for a longer takeaway and better finish position at A10.  This is a limiter for me right now at A10.

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2012 Goals


1. Break 80 - Success!

Result - shot a 79 and 77


2. Lower handicap to 13 (currently 22) - Failure!

Result - Currently 14.1 , close but no cigar


2013 Goals


1.  Lower Handicap to a 9 from 14.1

2.  Get my Penalties per round under 1 , currently averaging 2.49 per round

3.  Lower my 3 putt percentage to 6%, currently 15% (I know.. terrible!)

4.  Get a hole in 1 (dream big, right?)

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1. 100 rounds
2. Break par.
3. Sub 4.0 index.
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1. Make time to practice and play much more.

2. Start Evolvr lessons.

3. Take Aimpoint clinic.

4. Get out and play with my boys (9yr and 4yr old) more.

5. Get a proper fitting for all clubs.

6. Above all. Still enjoy playing and the learning process.

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