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What Are Your 2013 Golf Goals? Official Thread - Page 4

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5 Goals/Objectives:


1. Shoot 82 or better consistently for 5 rounds.

2. Get to a handicap of 13 and maintain it for 2014

3. Backspin my balls on demand when the shot calls for it

4. Be completely comfortable with my grip

5. Strike my 4 iron consistently off the tee and/or deck

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1. Obviously lower my handicap to maybe single digit
2. Hit it longer
3. Practice my putting and short game more
4. Play more

As of last summer I lowered my handicap to a 12. I worked on accuracy and consistency and that really helped. My biggest hole in my game was my short game. Also I got to the point that I should be hitting it farther. So I am making it a point to work on distance and short game to lower my scores. Lets see what 2013 brings!
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1) Join local golf club

2) Play at least twice a week

3) Practice effectively at least 3 times a week

4) Sharpen my game around/on the green

5) Drop HC to lower single digit

6) Play in State Amateur Tournament

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I want to become a more consistant ball striker.  I need to get a handicap established, then work to lower it. My short game is most in need of improvement, so will spend more time on that.

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Improve to the point that keeping an honest score is worth the effort. Do this enough times to develop a real handicap, and let that handicap be 20.

Strike the ball well most of the time.
Eliminate 4-5 putting. Get avg putts down to 2.25.
Play well enough to keep up with random business foursomes and not be a drag. a1_smile.gif
Have fun.
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1. Get closer to scratch

2. Play in Several Local Am Tournaments (www.golftownnationalamateurseries.com)

3. Get more consistent with the Driver

4. Better leg action

5. Master Aimpoint

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1. Practice effectively

2. Practice effectively

3. Practice effectively

4. Pract.....you get the point!

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For 2013:


1) track stats

2) improve ball striking creating more frequent and better birdie/eagle chances

   a) analyze swing by video at the beginning of every month

   b) adjust swing accordingly, identify monthly goals for improvements in mechanics

3) handicap of 2

4) shoot one round at even par

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I want to play at least ten Top 100 courses- public, private, or resort.
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An injury sidelined me from playing a lot of golf for more than half the year. And I will be moving in August. So this year's goals are going to be very simple.


Score into the 80s, regularly.


Play at least 2x a month.



That is it. Hope all works out for me.

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Get the handicap back under 5. 

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My big goal is to get my handicap down to a 2 at most which includes making my misses smaller. I also am going to win our club championship which I placed third in last year and qualify for the Maine Amateur Open. Big goals but all attainable.

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1. break 70

2. get an official handicap

3. finally get fitted for a driver

4. at the absolute least putt and chip every day 

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Originally Posted by gwlee7 View Post

Get the handicap back under 5. 

I know you don't like double posting in this thread but I did want to add one more goal for this year.


Now that my wife has finished school (MBA this time) again, my other goal is to get her back out on the course more and golfing with some of our golf couples friends.  

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Aside from the usual scoring/handicap goals:

- More dynamic practice sessions. Often, I get stuck in a routine during practice: Hit x drivers, practice putting/short game y hours, etc. I need to focus more practice time on what I happen to be struggling the most with at that time. Seems obvious, but I need to be more cognizant moving forward.

- Stop playing with people who impact my enjoyment of the game! Again, another obvious point, but there are guys I've been playing with for some time that can sometimes suck the pleasure out of a round. I need to, once and for all, ditch them as playing partners even if it means finding new people with whom to enjoy the game.

- One of the biggest compliments I can give another golfer is this: 'No matter how you're playing, I can't tell if you're playing the best or worst round of your life'. While I think I do a good job of always maintaining a positive attitude while playing, I think there are always ways to be a better golfing buddy.

- Do a better job of focusing 100% on every shot. Sometimes my mind will wander, and it usually costs me a shot or two every round.

I love golf, and I can honestly say that, regardless of my score or the conditions of the day, I always enjoy being on the course. For 2013, I hope everyone gets the same satisfaction out of the game as I do.

Happy New Year to everyone on TheSandTrap!

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1. get to 18.something for a handicap

2. make at least one birdie every round

3. play at least 20 rounds in 2013

4. plat at least 4 courses i've never played before

5. play in at least one tournament

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Well I turn 50 in January


1) Get my HDCP down to 4.5 by March(currently 6.7)

2) Compete in local events and cash

3) Lower HDCP to 2.5 by September

4) Compete in Senior events and cash.


Continue to overhaul my driver swing and avg. 30 putts/round


Piece of cake right?

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Hit my driver 240-250 and in the fairway 90% of the time.  When I can do this I will reward myself with a new set of irons :-)


Golf consistently between 88 and 92.

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