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What Are Your 2013 Golf Goals? Official Thread - Page 6

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-GIR >40%

-Up & Down >40%

-Multiple rounds in the 70's

-Multiple eagles this season

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Much the same as last year. Get better with the 3W off the deck. Really need to get better with the putter. Need to focus on a repeatable stroke and STICK WITH IT! Started experimenting with knockdown shots last year and I see a lot of potential for that...will work on that too. (in 3 months...it's 6 degrees out right now)

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Irons, irons, irons. My wife got me some lessons for Christmas, which I plan on starting next week. I usually shoot in the mid/high 90s, sometimes ballooning to the low 100s, sometimes flirtinfg with high 80s. My driving & putting is ok, it's just everything in between :). I feel if I spend my lesson time on approach shots and around the green, I can get my game into the high 80s consistantly.

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More greens in two. More rounds in the 70's. PUTT BETTER

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Goals are simple.

1. Qualify for the State-Am

2. Win one of the two tournaments held at my home course this year.
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My golf goal for 2013 is simple: just get back on the course.  My 2012 season was cut short after only two rounds after I tore my meniscus in my left knee.  After an MRI, I learned I also have some arthritis in the same knee.  A left knee injury isn't good for a right-handed golfer, and it will take awhile to trust it when I return to the golf course.  Hopefully, it will be repaired in the next month or so.  And if so, I should be ready to go by April or May.  I'm extremely ready to get back on the course.  I'm sure my goals will be a little more in-depth for 2014, but for now, I'm just ready to take some full swings without pain.  :-)

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Still shooting (pun intended) for the 7.0 index.  Got about half way this year thanks to a late season surge but had an awful slump in June.  Focus on avoiding "disaster" holes - you know, the double or triple that just messes up the whole round.

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My goals for 2012 were to master my sand wedge from 40 and in.


Last year I dedicated all of my work to my SW around the green (40 yards and in). Really showed at the end of the year stringing together mid to high 80's through Sept. and Oct. I developed 3 nice shots:

  • Flop Shot - Can get up and down from short (10-15 yards), or bang one over a tree (Max 40 yards)
  • Bump and run with ball way back in my stance 1;2 or 1;3 depending on how far back I put ball
  • Normal pitch with 1;1 fly/roll. 


This year my goals are:


1. Make it to the Final Four Championship Round in my golf league.


2. Become more consistent with my approach shots. I miss a lot of GIR but not by much. I am always around pin high, just miss left or right. It is due to me flipping the club and not getting my hands in front. Have really been working hard on hands in the off season.


3. I shot consistently 88-91 with an occasional 83-84 and 94-95. I would like to get down to 85 consistently and occasional 80-81 and 89-90. 

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My goals are:


1. Play more!

2. Become better than just a bogy player. (I'm currently pretty much a bogy player)

3 "Possibly" become a member of a local golf club and get an official handicap. (I have no idea how to calculate my handicap)

4. TRY to finish my games with the same ball I started with! ;-)

5. MAYBE get some lessons (Cost is a big factor here considering how expensive a simple round of golf can sometimes be)

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Become a good ball striker.

All else will come eventually after I master striking the ball consistently.

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Originally Posted by PooN View Post

-GIR >40%

-Up & Down >40%

-Multiple rounds in the 70's

-Multiple eagles this season

If you average the above, you'll do much more than score multiple rounds in the 70........your average will easily be in the 70s!!  

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My main goal for 2013 is to get out on the course much more often. I didn't get out nearly as much as I would of liked last summer. If I do that I'll be able to achieve my other goal which is get my handicap into the single digits. I'm pretty sure that was my goal last summer but I didn't get out enough to achieve it. Hopefully this summer I do. 

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Break 80.
I've shot 80 at least 5 times. Just haven't been able to put that 79 on my score card.
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My main goals for this season:


1) Consistently shoot within the 80's by the end of season.

2) Hit more that 50% of the fairways in all of my rounds.

3) Make solid contact with hybrids and irons.

4) Play more often.

5) Increase my distance a bit more.

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1 - Play to my handicap

2 - Once I am playing to my handicap, start to bring it down (even if that is only by 0.1)

3 - Stop following a bad shot with a bad shot!

4 - Enjoy it!
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1) Get to + figures.

2) Turn professional later in the year

3) Make $$$

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Just getting back into golf after a 4 year hiatus from being a junior, I'm 22 now and on 17 h'cap, I'd like to be down to ten or 9 by the end of the year.


Traveling to Melbourne mid year to play a sandbelt course and I'd like to not embarrass myself there ;)

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My objectives are as follows;


LIKELY for 2013:

1. Get first official handicap.

2. Complete a round with no three putts.

3. Three FIRS and GIRS in a round.

4. No lost balls in a round.

5. First chip in (completed 9/3/13).

6. One birdie and one par in a round.

7. Enter first competition.

8. Under 40 putts in a round.

9. Complete a round with no quadruple bogies.

10. Score under 100 in a round.

11. Practice!


POSSIBLE for 2014:

1. Handicap under 20.

2. Five FIRS and GIRS in a round.

3. Score under 90 in a round.

4. Under 36 putts in a round.

5. Shoot first eagle.

6. Develop a reliable and consistent swing.

7. Full membership at local golf club.

8. Practice more!



1. Handicap under 10.

2. Round at Par.

3. No double bogies in a round

4. First hole in one.

5. Win first tournament.

6. Stop making lists like this one!





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