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Painting wedge advice

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Basically I am interested in painting my Callaway forged wedge, for absolutely no reason other than I think it would look cool.


I've got some experience painting models so think I am comfortable about how to paint the bits that are sunk (the number, the word "forged" etc).


However what I would really love to do is paint the whole head matt black (like the titleist black nickel wedge).


My questions are:


Is it possible to paint the face? Pretty hesitant about this part for obvious reasons!


Does anyone have any advice/experience on how to create an even matt black finish that will last on the rest of the surface?



Thanks in advance.






Ps I did search the forum for other threads and couldn't find what I was looking for, but if there is an existing thread sorry and could someone link me to it!

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No idea, and perhaps this is a 'duh' answer, but you will want to find a paint that bonds very strongly to metal, and the particular metal that your clubhead is made of. I don't know if there is a particular type of paint that is specifically strong bonding or not. Also, if you want it to stay, you may have to put on a protective clear coat or something. I think it is probably not impossible, but it probably is going to be difficult to find the right materials to use that will stay intact through hundreds of impacts and scratches. 

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Would not paint the face, it would totally screw with the grooves. Believe me, no matter what you do, that paint will wear off very fast. I had some black wedges that only lasted half a year for paint. 

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I would stay away from the face of the club for the same reason saevel25 mentioned. Grooves are important and I think paint would act to fill them in.


Other than that though you are just some paint stripper away from undoing anything that you don't like.

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Can't imagine it would hold up very well. I play a few Cleveland black pearl wedges and the finish wear started at day one, actually with hit one. Same with my Cobra fairways, where the black finish was a few months is streaks of silver blemishes. Not just the bottom but anywhere the clubs have come into contact with other clubs, cart chatter etc.

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Might look better, and would probably hold up longer, if you took them down to bare metal then blued them, then you could paint fill the stamped letters.  Then rub them down with gun oil.  That would look sweet!  Or, strip them and parkerize them.  That would definitely be different!


Hmmmm, that makes me want to take an old wedge head I have a parkerize it just to see what it would look like, and how t would hold up.......  b2_tongue.gif

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