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Foresight GC2 - Initial thoughts

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That just about covers it guys. a3_biggrin.gif


Just recieved my GC2a Launch Monitor from Foresight Sports and had a blast with it today - seriously impressed. I took it to my local range along with my laptop and compared actual ball flight with the ball flight on the laptop. It was spot on every time. When the actual ball flight was a small fade of a yard or two, that's exactly what the flight on the laptop showed. A small draw shed exactly that. It was a pretty calm day and firing shots at a 100 yard flag (lasered) and on the laptop they fell exactly where they were falling in real life. I'd say it was good to within a yard or so in any direction.


Once I had confidence in the data I was getting I spent a bit of time playing with launch angle and spin rate on my driver, I tend to spin the ball far too much and it stalls a bit. As I got my spin rate down to about 2500 rpm I was able to see a pretty instant gain in distance. The funny thing is part of reducing the spin was backing off on the drive a tad - actually went further than when I thrashed it which just sent my spin numbers skyward. Lesson learnt there!


Back home I spent a bit of time hitting into a net and had a blast on one of the courses, The Brabazon, which was good fun and will keep me occupied should the snow close the courses and ranges. I've got 4 others Turnberry Pebble Beach, La Tempete and Spyglass coming soon.


All in all I was hugely impressed. For my money this system is the way forward, particularly for home practice with limited ball flight - you only need 8 inches. I haven't (yet) got the HMT addon that tracks the clubhead and gives all the data such as dynamic loft, face angle, etc as I have a pretty good idea what it is just looking at the result ie ball flight. I would say that when or if I do upgrade to that at least I will be getting totally accurate data.


Anyway, that's my initial thoughts - seriously good bit of kit.

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I think it depends on the situation. Indoors (i.e. <15 ft flights), I would not be surprised if the gc2 was more accurate. Outside, nothing is going to beat radar that can track the ball over 100 yards. For just measuring launch ball speed and spin, I am guessing either technology works about the same. The gc2 with HMT is about 13k. The numbers I got at different demo days suggested they were all very close. 


If they cut the price of the gc2 (without HMT) in half, I would seriously consider one for my house. I do a lot of golf swings into nets and while the p3pro gives some data (i.e. better than nothing) I think it does a poor job with mishits.  The new flightscope looks awesome BUT I don't think I have enough space. Also not sure if I want to get irradiatedb2_tongue.gif



Originally Posted by iacas View Post


I haven't seen any evidence that something which extrapolates ball flight from a few inches is more accurate than radar (TM/FS) which actually track the ball flight.


The only real advantage I could see the Foresight having is slightly more accurate club data, because it can see the clubface sitting beside the golf ball, but having just spent a few days with the Phantom camera and our new Flightscope, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that its club accuracy is through the roof and seriously impressive.


The GC2 wasn't overly impressive at the PGA Show last year, but I'm going to check them out this year.


P.S. What's the GC2 with the HMT run these days? Because if you're looking for ball data only, I'm fairly certain you'll want to pay attention to Flightscope in a little over a month…

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Do you still have your old P3pro? I have been thinking about getting one.
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Originally Posted by 14ledo81 View Post

Do you still have your old P3pro? I have been thinking about getting one.


Yep, still got it tucked away somewhere, I'm not really in your neck of the woods though - I'm in the UK.

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Nosevi, I know it's 4 months later now, but are you still using the GC2 ?  Now that the honeymoon period is over, what do you think?  I have an Optishot and it's woefully inaccurate.  I would rather hit into a net without the Optishot than to have the data that I get from the optishot.  Obviously the GC2 is going to be leaps and bounds better than the Optishot.

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Hi there. For medical reasons I've been off the golf for about a month but prior to that still really happy with my GC2. I've also got a P3Pro (similar to an optishot) and although that was 'fun' the inaccuracy meant that it just didn't cut it for me. I've also got the ipad app for my ipad mini so can chuck the GC2 and Ipad in my golf bag and take them to the range if I want to. Have even used it with my pro for my lessons. Even at home I tend to use the ipad mini rather than my laptop as it's more convenient.

Here in the uk we've had awful weather all winter and although the ranges and courses were all closed, I just swept the snow off my golf mat, dug out the net from the snow, got my under armour on, hot cup of coffee and kept practicing all winter. Other than my wife shaking her head at me in despair from our conservatory I was happy as larry - first year of non stop golf practice (other than these last few weeks for med reasons), I've had. So all in all, very happy I got it. :)
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Awesome, thanks for the response. my wife has been asking to buy a bigger house for awhile and I think I'm going to insist on a GC2 powered golf room in the new place.
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Sounds fair :)
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Not to hijack your thread but I recently got a Vector Pro and I enjoy it.  I have been hitting into a net indoors for a couple months.  The Vector Pro is the same concept as he Foresight Unit  I think the Foresight unit is better in some ways but I like the Vector Pro because of the price.  The foresight unit is nicer outside for sure.


I got the Vector Pro on ebay for $900 can't beat that.  Really helps diagnose impact.  I know for sure unless my swing changes I need a different loft of a driver.



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New to the forum and was after some info on the GC2 - specifically the iPad app

I want to avoid buying a laptop and the software albeit keen on a GC2 - what info do you get with the app and ht do you not get tat is available on laptop ?

I have a net and basically want some basic numbers and a visual of the ball flight - will I get this by simply buying the GC2 and app ?

I guess then if my net turns into a swing room at a later date I can add the laptop and software to enable playing courses etc ?

Many thanks in advance

Ps - where are you in the UK and did you buy direct from foresight ?
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