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How Would You Handle This

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One of my friends relayed this story to me that happened to him a few weeks ago. He was playing at one of the better public courses in the area. His group was walking off the green but not quite off it when one of the guys in the group behind them went ahead and hit his shot to the green. My friend said the ball landed not 5 feet from him. My friend picked the ball up and went to question the guys in the fairway. They gave him the story that he didn't know he could reach the green. They were only 150 yds from the green. He said there was almost an altercation in the fairway between the two foursomes before cooler heads prevailed.


I know the group he plays with so I know slow play from his group wasn't an issue. Rounds on this course do typically take longer than normal due to the course being busy.


So how would you handle this situation or your own situation should someone hit their approach shot to the green you are walking off of?

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This is one of my pet peeves. There is never a reason to hit into the group in front of you. Serious damage could be done. With that said, I have hit a three wood or something into a par five and absolutely nutted it into the group in front of me. But I always immediately drive or walk up there to apologize. It is truly an accident. From 150 yards, that is not the scenario. This sounds deliberate.


As far as how I would handle it, I would be very upset and I would go speak to them. But that's about it. I'm 30, so my fighting days are long gone hahaha. It sucked that happened to your buddy.

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  One time and I would shrug it off......maybe. More than once ,same group, the ball goes bye bye. After that call the pro shop. Years ago I once flushed a 5w on a par5 onto a green that had a single putting out. I had never tagged a 5w so far so I never expected it. Unfortunately I was assistant supt on that course and it was a member putting out. Needless to say I hauled buns up and apologized profusely. So I understand sometimes stuff happens unintentionally/innocently.

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I handled it poorly the first time it happened to me ten years ago. It was a par 3 with the tee 120 yards back and 60 feet up in the air.They had to have seen us on the green. They also saw me toss the ball in the water. Nothing happened, and that was good. However, I wouldn't do that today.


Mistakes do happen. I hit it 20 yards past my norm and  into one group on the green this summer and had to apologize.


Later in  the year, some one dropped a ball onto the first green as I was walking off. I dunno. They probably saw me moving my pull cart earlier and thought I had left so I just waved and left.


Ah well, can't let a defensive attitude ruin a good day of golf. 

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I was sitting in the middle of the fairway once waiting for my playing partner to hit when a tee shot hit my golf cart about 6 inches from my head. Then I hear someone yell fore right afterward. The guy and his dad show up to apologize, and I told them it was okay and not to worry about it. They were so relieved I wasn't a dick about it that when they saw me in the parking lot after the round, they invited me to a round of golf the next weekend. I've played 2 or 3 rounds with the guy's dad since then as well. I was lucky the guy wasn't a jerk and actually hit the drive of his life when he almost killed me. 


I'm not sure what I would have done if they didn't apologize and just told me to F off. But I'm pretty good at letting people know I think they're a douche without actually saying the words a3_biggrin.gif. I definitely wouldn't have resorted to fisticuffs though haha. I don't want to get banned from the courses I play. 

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If the shot was truly an accident and lands close without hitting anyone, I'll just turn around and stare back into the fairway. That's usually enough to make the guilty party realize they shouldn't have hit into a group in front of them.

I think I may handle the matter slightly different if a ball fired into our group from the guys behind actually struck someone. I'm not saying there would be a turf war middle of the fairway, but a confrontation is in order. Or at least pick up the ball and keep it. Or better yet, grab a 3 iron and hit it straight back at them. (Only joking about the last option).
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Sounds like fiction. Not the OP but the original story. What man thinks the group ahead is out of range with just 150y? My dear cancer survivor Mom hits it that far with a mid iron. The only time I've been close to hitting into anyone ahead of me was with the funky once in a season shots. As in the one massive drive that rolls 320+, the odd fairway crush that catches wind and lands close to the green on a par 5 not usualy in range. But never something within mid iron range.


If someone hit into me from that range I'd be hot. Not fight on the course hot (not that macho), nor would I mess with balls and all that. But for sure I am waiting on you to catch up at the next tee to see if you have the game to justify your once in a season hit. We'll be talking about something, probably the beer you "owe" me at 19.

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Personally I do not think the group behind should be hitting  a shot even if there is a remote possibility of coming close to the group in front.  People make mistakes, but the ones that are sincerely sorry are the ones who will come without delay and apologize, the others are usually, well lets not say that.  Anyhow I agree with your friend, you have to address it or they will keep doing it, most of the time all it takes is just letting them know you do not appreciate it and they stop. 

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I would pick up the golf ball and when they question me i would be like, "Oh i happen to find this golf ball suddenly near me, must have been left there" 



Seriously, i hate when people can't wait, i've seen people miss a green from 150 as much as 10 yards left or right of the green, give them time, it would take what, 10 seconds, geeze. 

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From 150 out it was no accident. In my opinion your next action is directly proportional to the size of the guy who hit up on you. a2_wink.gif

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Ive tee'd off and nearly hit someone at the far end of the fairway BUT thats because I thought they had cleared away from the fairway and missed the guy lurking in the trees at the far end.


I made sure I apologised to the guys as it was not intentional (that 1. I connected so well with the ball and 2. that I hit while they were still on the fairway).





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How to respond when you are in the group hit into seems to have been well thrashed out, but I'll just toss in one comment that nobody has yet made.  People in the offender's own group should really be saying something as well!  I well understand the occasional great shot (from way farther out than 150...) that gets into the group in front.  But if a group I'm in was waiting for the folks in front to clear the green and somebody went ahead and took their shot as described I'd be complaining to them myself.  I don't wish to be associated with that sort of behavior.

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Honestly, I'd probably just look back, maybe throw my arms up, but not much else. I'm not one to seek out confrontation and drive back and make a scene. 

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So how would you handle this situation or your own situation should someone hit their approach shot to the green you are walking off of?

I'd put the ball on a tee a go to the next tee box. If it happens again, I'd drive back to the foursome and introduce myself.
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Originally Posted by tristanhilton85 View Post

Honestly, I'd probably just look back, maybe throw my arms up, but not much else. I'm not one to seek out confrontation and drive back and make a scene. 


I would tend to do the same as you. My friend is one to not hold back. He is the type that will speak his mind especially when his temper gets the best of him. He can be difficult to play with at times.

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It really irks me when people hit into the green when you're walking off.  Some people seem to think they have a green light once you've put the flag in the hole, or when you're walking to your cart 30 feet off of the green (as if they've never missed the green on a par-3).  If I'm riding, I try to park my cart behind the green just for this contingency (not too many people miss greens long).  I've seen one of my best buds hit just behind his ear--he lost sight in his right eye for about 45 mins (although that was from a shot in our own group, and it was more-or-less his fault).  


People should wait not just until you're off the green, but until you've cleared their likely landing area around the green.

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It happens sometime. I was playing around sunset on a hole with a row of trees between the cart path and the green. I thought a group ahead of me had completed the hole. It turned out they had just stowed their carts behind the treeline, and emerged on the back of the green right when my iron shot came flying in.


I apologized, but they graciously took it in stride. One guy said it was motivating to see someone hit the green in regulation.


It's a matter of the situation. Once hit into, put the ball on a tee where it landed; twice, I'd talk to them sternly about it. (There may be liability problems if you hit back at the offenders and bounce a ball off someone's head.)

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There are plenty of bad golfers out there. And I don't mean technical golf. Golf etiquette seems to be falling off.  By all means say "Hello" to the shooter behind you.  But realize that if you play regularly, it may happen again. 

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