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Not trying to be smart here, but close one eye. That should take any eye dominance problems out of the equation.
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Yeah I think problem is I was using my left non dominate eye to line it up.
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Does eye dominance really matter? I never really paid attention to it before, but i noticed a few golf articles about it over the years. 

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Yes I think it does.  If you are lining up the line on the ball to a target and you use your non dominant eye then the angle is going to be wrong which is what was happening to me. 


I had to pull some notes from when I was in college but my instructors (police officers) used to always tell me about eye dominance and throwing off the shot! 


Wish I would have remembered that tidbit but I didn't really think about it. 


Anyway to fix the issue an officer would wear glasses and tape over the non dominant eye to train him/her on shooting with both eyes open. 


If you are looking at something and you close one eye and the object doesn't move in your vision then that is your dominant eye, but if it does move then it is your non dominant eye and it throws off the angle.

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Ah, this reminds me of when i took a geo class in college, we had to use these glasses to look at topographical images. I had the hardest time getting them to look 3D, it was because my right eye was so dominant. So i guess this never really bothered me because my left eye never really plays a part in my primary vision except for depth perception. 

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I'm a left handed player and with a left dominant eye. I found that when I'm standing over the ball at address....when I look at the line I want to put on I accidentally open my shoulders. So everytime I put I always pull to the left. It would be right for you righties. I put an alignment stick under my elbows... It help drastically. I had thought that I was always square. Apparently not
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Try to practice in front of a mirror too.  This will help with alignment.

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Definately.  I broke the last one.....Any guesses how? LOL.....  I do need a new one though and you are definately right!

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Just enrolled in an aimpoint clinic for February 7 in Naples Fl. Can't wait to see results...
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Practice starting your putt on your intended line.  In the clinic I took, you get a partner.  You check each other's putts from behind to make sure you are starting on your aim line.  Erik told me to practice this prior to the clinic.

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Those putting strings work well for this.

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Cool. I will. I have I get a lot for the clinic. It's 2 hours. I get the charts, notes, log in for the account, and other videos. My putting can really use some help to lower my scores...
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