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The best and fastest way to develop your golf swing is to just experiment on your own.

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I can practice as many different things as I want to when working on my swing especially focusing on the short game as it is king when it comes to scoring. 

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To "release" your wrists roll over through the impact zone

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Swing as hard as you can for right field.

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In 2013 Mike and Erik will be opening a golf school in Bejing China, to teach the Tommy Gainey golf swing because they know Tommy Gainey's golf swing is PERFECT!  and everyone should imitate his swing.

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I like the old ball flight laws better then the new ball flight laws.

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Here is the best pattern of all-time:

P1: Major anterior posture (think Adam Scott in early 2000's) and feet are NOT flared outward. Grip is not structured.

P2: Hand path is the most up, already up on the shoulder plane, with the clubhead toe up. Your head should already move about 3 inches at this point.

P3: Right knee flex is still at its original P1 flex (think Corey Pavin) because it gives you more power (PA's are BS). Hand path is still going up past the shoulder plane. Your head should already moved about 5 inches at this point.

P4: Shoulders should have no slant, neither should the hips, they're both parallel to ground, with the right knee at its original P1 flex (a sign of POWER!) Head should move back about 7 inches at this point. Hand path ends at the right ear.

P5: Hand path should be down on the shoulder plane and keep going down that plane until P7, when the clubshaft is inline with right arm (shaft leaning back for power). Left knee should NEVER get past the left ankle. Right knee should overflex, and hips should be spinning out, and right heel should already be up about 3 inches.

P6: Head has not moved since P4 except downward (to get power) because "Stable Axis" is worthless, who wins with it?

P7: Right foot has already come up about 7 inches, and shaft is inline with right arm, clubface is pointing left of the target to hit a draw (I believe that club path 100% determines the starting direction of the ball, and face angle 100% determines the curve).

P8: Hand path should be on the shaft plane all the way until P10, no handle raise. Clubface should be already parallel to ground because of your rolling release (think Fred Couples) because that's the best way to hit a draw!

P9: No handle raise, shaft should be parallel to ground (DTL, not CV) because of release.

P10: The head has still not moved since P4, which is good because you will have a long finish like Adam Scott and Kyle Stanley's back.
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Originally Posted by golfdu View Post

Here is the best pattern of all-time:


That's a bit more than "a statement" particularly since I said "a sentence" as well. :)

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Originally Posted by iacas View Post

That's a bit more than "a statement" particularly since I said "a sentence" as well. :)

Well, darn it! :) Okay, James is CF!
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Well I read... saw... heard from my local pro or Jim McLean... d2_doh.gif

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There is only one way to fix your swing. Take two weeks off completely without touching a club. Then quit...

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A draw will roll further than a fade every time.

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The short game is the most important part of the game.

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The best time to work on swing mechanics is during a round of golf.

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Trees are 90% air.


Golf swing is 90% mental


90% of scoring is putting


I could go on....but I never give 100%

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There are Five Easy Buttons to a great golf swing.

Button #1 to the golf swing is to move your head off the ball.  

Button #2 You need to load up on the right side - this is a power move.

Button #3 Breaking the lead wrist at impact is critical - it helps you lift the ball into the air.  

Button #4 TriSwing Path - dictates where the ball starts - and ends!

Button #5 Educated Feet - wearing clogs with a 4" heel on the course are the best for your swing.


And lastly...



I would love to play golf without fear and often I do. Fear of looking bad, blowing up, those hanging 3 foot putts, the trees, bunkers and the water hazards.


The secret to playing fearless golf lies in heightening your awareness of the level of fear you feel on the run up to - pre-shot routine - and during each swing.


I start by carrying out the following exercise on the range. Using a scale from 1-5 for measuring fear levels, with 1 being no fear and 5 being excessive. I usually feel some fear and anticipation at address just before swinging, at about level 3. I then step away and re-address the ball and the number drops to 2, and then again and eventually it drops to 1. I then start my swing and halfway through the back swing again fear. I go through the same procedure until I also get this to level 1.


I still haven't hit a ball yet. Some minutes later I have managed to control my fear factor, using this simple number system, in such a way that I am now on the range hitting balls with no fear or anticipation of any kind. It's a wonderful feeling of freedom.

I am now ready to go onto the course and, standing on the first tee, its a little different and the levels go up. I persist with giving my numbers and recognising when these fear factors present themselves. A few holes later, just like I managed on the range, the fear disappears.


Ten rounds later, a few tournament wins and some of the best golf of my life, I no longer need to work on this as it has become implanted or aged. I have managed to take it out of my game or at least reached levels that are almost zero. I refresh this drill occasionally when I recognise that I am no longer playing in the state of freedom I had attained. This procedure takes less and less time the more experienced I become in adopting this routine.  

I hear many sportsmen insisting that we need a certain amount of fear to improve our concentration which in turn leads to a better performance.

"Oh, you really think so, do you?"


Fear is perhaps helpful if you have to run across a battlefield or a dangerous animal is chasing you, but for an accurate approach to a green or a tricky putt, I'll take fearless every time. I prefer fearless golf and the wonderful freedom that it brings.

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The anchored swing of the belly putter is the greatest discovery of the modern era.

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Golf is a complete waste of time.
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