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Ladies flex shafts

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So, I made up a club yesterday using an old "ladies flex" shaft. I wanted to see how it felt to swing a soft shaft club as opposed to a stiff flex that I usually swing. The results kinda floored me. I took 3 7 irons to the driving range and started hitting. 

So there's a tree at 150 meters on the range that I normally aim at and with the stiff shafted club I noticed that with a goodish contact I'd reach the tree ....no problems. BUT, if I got it a bit skinny or a bit crappy I'd be 10 or 15 short. Also if I nailed it it would fly to 165. 


With the ladies flex I noticed that with a skinny, clunky contact I got a lower, still strong shot that landed at about 145. but with a good average contact I got 150. And with those real strong contacts that previously just flew and flew with the stiff shaft, the soft flex club seemed to go higher but dropped consistently at 155. No matter how hard I hit the soft shaft club 155 meters was IT. 


this little test has got me thinking. I didn't really notice much dispersion difference between the soft club and the stiff club(but I'm sure there would be) but there was a big dispersion difference between the 2 clubs in terms of distance. no matter how hard I hit the soft club I couldn't get it past 155. The stiff club seemed to have a much greater length dispersion than the softy. I also had the feeling that the softy was "helping" me on those poor contacts.


So if reducing dispersion on the shorter irons is important maybe I need to err on the soft side of shaft selection. 

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There is an old statement that said "over 50% of golfers" swing with a shaft that is too stiff"

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I have found something similar, started carrying a ladies 7 wood a while back (no longer in the bag as no room in the new set), but found that distance was 165 metres, no ifs, no maybe's, had a very high ball flight and I could hit the ball at 80% or 110%, it would still go 165 metres. Weird club, but always straight and did not have the customary fade of my other clubs, if anything it had a draw of about 1 1/2 metres.


Did try it with my irons and found the ladies shafts for me maxed out at about the 5 iron, anything shorter than that and I lost too much accuracy.

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I play senior shafts in all my clubs given I have a slow swing speed. I also play a 7w, have for years. I get consistant distance and it is so easy to hit. I even use it out of fairway bunchers.


I don't know about "ladies" shafts, but I do know light or senior shafts work well for me.

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Softer shafts slow the take away, and help a more sweeping move with woods/long irons giving more feedback to the player, were as a too stiff shaft can make a person grab and lift the club in the back swing causing problem's. A softer flex also lets you feel the shaft load. This can help a OTT guy feel the casting more than a stiff shaft. Casting and then trying to let your hips catch the arms make's the shaft do all sorts of things. Thats why i feel that golfers think they need a stiffer flex. I see pro's using S flex in some cases, especially in woods with high swing speed that most golfers cant achive, and still high caps insist on swinging a too stiff shaft, and maybe thats why they never can achive their true potential.

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