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My Swing (the17goose)

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My Swing



I've been Playing Golf for:​ 4 years committed to a method for 1 year

My current handicap index or average score is: 15

My typical ball flight is: high

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: chunk/ push left






Hey guys i'm new here so I thought I would post a video of my swing. This was taken earlier today, any comments/criticisms are welcomed. Thanks and happy new years!

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Hey Goose,


Nice Swing. One thing i see is that you get severely "stuck" as you approach impact. By "stuck" I mean that your left elbow is behind your left hip. This is the reason for the big push/block left that you describe above. Here is a picture to better illustrate what i'm talking about...






In order to fix it, we need to look a little earlier in your swing. We can see it pretty well at the top of your swing. Your left elbow is way behind your body. You need to work on getting your arms a little more "in front" of you on the backswing.








Try taking some practice swings (and eventually real swings) with a nerf ball or something similar in between your elbows. The feeling that you are going for is to try and keep your elbows as close together as possible throughout the swing. It will feel very weird at first. This is a great drill that helps a lot of aspects of the swing.



Hope this helps.

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Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thought i would post more videos to give you guys different angles.


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Thank you for your input, I agree 100% with what you are saying.I actually started working on my left elbow today, and I just got back and read your comment which reinforces what I've been thinking. I'm not sure how I got into that habit of letting my elbow get soo out there, but you're right it feels completely weird trying to keep it in there even though I know its the correct move.


I posted some other videos that I took today while i was trying to work on the elbow. I noticed that all of my shots today were pushed out to the left the only time I had one hit my target was when I forced myself to flipp hard with the hands which didn't feel "correct" to me. 


Thanks Again



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So I've been working on my elbow position at the top and took some video today. Let me know what you see.


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Nice Work.




How's the ball flight?

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The ball flight is "normal", I'm not really sure what the preferred flight is but my ball is neither super high nor low, i would say its on the high side if anything. I am still working on my elbow position i have to really ingrain it the videos i posted were the first few successful swings i made with this change but its coming along nicely. I think my next change will be on my footwork on the downswing, i dont think I'm transitioning correctly because my left heel comes off the ground way early what do you think of this?

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Originally Posted by the17goose View Post


The ball flight is "normal", I'm not really sure what the preferred flight is but my ball is neither super high nor low, i would say its on the high side if anything. 


No preferred flight, just looking for something consistent and controllable. In your earlier posts, you said your misses were pushes left. Is that still the miss? 



As far as footwork, it actually looks a lot better in your newer videos.


Try a couple of these on the range. It should help you get the feeling of banking your left foot.


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Here's an update of my swing, its been going well, lots of hard work and although still sometimes fall back into some bad habits such as letting the left elbow chicken wing a little I am seeing lots of improvement. I was looking at some swings i filmed today and I had a question about impact position. I see that guys like Tiger and Phil have that leading arm straight down with the shaft at impact and shortly thereafter. Looking at my swings, impact looks okay, but shortly after impact the club passes my hands as you can see below. 




How can I keep the club from passing my hands like this, why is it happening? (My shots are going relatively straight most misses are weak slices if that helps). Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



This is what i am talking about...



Here are a few videos so you can see what is going on...thanks


front view


DTL view

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Wow, nice swing at a 15 HC you will be improving that quickly.  I second what JHWarren is telling you, keep the elbows together.  I love your tempo in the back swing.  I have the same problem getting the trailing elbow stuck.  The picture you are showing where the club is passing your hands is after impact, so...I believe it should start to at that point.  If you can get a picture of it at impact like you have of the pro you are showing(not sure who), that would tell you more.

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It looks to me like you stand too far away from the ball (arms should hang straight downish) and your upper body moves back behind the ball in the backswing, which is usually bad. if you compare the pictures you have, your weight isn't far enough forward and his is. that is probably why your hands get ahead of the ball just after impact. 

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