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New Driver

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So I am looking into buying a new driver, I currently have a Ping G5 from '04ish and the tech has improved so much it is time to buy a new one.

I went to Pro Golf Discount the other day and demoed three different drivers, the Titleist 913D2, Taylormade R11S and a surprise third driver, the Tour Edge XCG6.

I know I want a 10.5* driver with a stiff shaft but I can't decide between the three! I am currently leaning towards the XCG6 because that is the only one I cleared 300 yds with and I liked the feel. Are there any significant things I am missing about the other two? Don't get me wrong they are all great drivers with good perks and I am definitely not decided but the Tour Edge is on top right now.

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It's not all about distance, whatever feels best is what you should choose.  Let's say you hit the XCG6 305 and the others 280 but had better feel and hit them better, then go with the other ones.  I personally would choose the 913D2.  If you want something a bit cheeper, the 910 series should drop in price soon.  

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I second the 910/913 D2. I played an entire round with a 910D2 while on vacation (rental clubs) and it was an awesome driver. I still hit my old driver pretty well so I can't justify the cost of a new 910/913 but if I was going to buy a driver I would not hesitate to get a 910 D2. It is not as long as some of the other drivers but it is very accurate and has very minimal distance loss on off-center hits. A great cub! 

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