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Name on the bag? - Page 3

Poll Results: If you have the option, would you have your name put on your golf bag?

Poll expired: Jan 6, 2013  
  • 23% (9)
    Yes, I like having my name on my bag.
  • 38% (15)
    No, unless you're a pro, it's just silly
  • 38% (15)
    I don't care
39 Total Votes  
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Just realized I never voted.  I chose yes.


Next time I get a new bag, I might even consider it for myself if its not too expensive. :)

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  Played golf for twenty years plus, three or four times a week, never , not once, seen a player with his name on his bag.


  Would have to be a vanity thing..........Anybody other from the U.S ever come across such a thing? 

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Topics like this bug me. We're always talking about ways to grow the game but we're gonna give a guy a hard time for having his name on his bag? Not to be sexist or anything but at times golfers are worse than catty women in a sewing circle. It's your bag, do what you want with it, and when you show up with it, make sure you're wearing cargo shorts that day.

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I'm for it, sure I'm only a 13.3 handicap, I have played golf for 3 years, and proud of my progress. I'm way for it.
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