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When will the Titleist 910 go down in price?

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I am *patiently* waiting for the Titleist 910 series to go down in price so I can pickup an unused D2. When can we expect the price to go down?

I was hoping to get one for $200. Including the headcover and wrench. Maybe I'm dreaming?
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     I have a bad feeling that they will sell out what they have left and stop production before they drop the price that much. Some companies are not willing to sell their equipment at rock bottom prices because it will give the impression to the customer that the equipment is overpriced and it will take away sales of their latest models.


I have seen several 910 drivers locally that were used but looked almost new. I am sure you will be able to find a used one that is in or very close to new condition for a very good price. Good luck with your search.

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Don't expect too much of a drop, Titleist clubs rarely if ever go on sale anf if they do, it;s not much. 

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I was chatting to my golf pro the other day and he was telling me how most of the big companies bring out their new line-ups each year and they stop making the old model and let the previous year's clubs just filter out into the shops until they run out. So it's always possible to pick up a discount but you have to get lucky.


However from this year Titleist are changing so that the 2012 line-up will still be manufactured until later in 2013 and sold at a lower price point than the new 2013 models. They reckon (and rightly so in my opinion) that lots of people would rather spend £150-200 on last year's Driver line used by Rory McIlroy, etc, rather than spend the same amount on the 2013 model of a 'lesser' brand. As much as the big companies would like us to believe that 2013 models are massively different to 2012 there probably isn't a great deal at all (other than the increased adjustability that everyone has started).


I think the new Titleist 913 Drivers are already in some shops so there are probably already discounts on the 910 models.


It will largely depend on your golf pro and what they want to do. Might be worth asking your local pro.

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My friend that owns a local golf shop said Titleist still maintains Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policies on their older models so you won't see "new" 910 drivers advertised below $300 by an authorized Titleist dealer.  That doesn't mean you can't cut a deal for one if the shop owner is willing to, they just aren't allowed to mark down older models as clearance below what Titlest authorizes. 


Another way they get around MAP is to take the plastic off and claim the clubs were used as demo models which enables them to sell it as used and not be subject to the MAP policy. 


 Mizuno also enforces MAP but companies like TM and Callaway do not. 

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Good info guys, thanks.

I guess I will have to go hit some drivers again and see if I want to spend the extra money on a 910.
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I'm sure you can find one on Ebay for under $200, brand new + everything included. I have just checked.

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I ended up buying my 910 slightly used with a perfect crown, book, tool, and slight brush marks on the bottom for 170 shipped a little while back. 


Great driver actually and glad I bought it. I've never played Titleist woods, always TM or Nike but this one easily ties my favorite driver of all time and beats my Nike VRs, VR tour, etc but a good bit (for my swing). 

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They wont go down like you think they will. Mostly because Titleist driver's are not that hyped like Taylormade are. So stores really never overstock to the point they need to do large sales to get some of there money back on them. You might find them go 50 bucks off, but they will never drop to 200. 

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This guy on Ebay is selling Titleist 910D2 for $160-$170 (different shafts) with extra $16 shipping & handling.




His listings are only are for 12* heads, but contact him directly and request him to list any shaft/head combination you like, he has a lot.


Just bought one 12* with Bassara 50 Hi for $160 shipped. His communication is fast & polite.


Not sure about the club because it's not here yet. But he has good feedback and in PGA Trade-In Network so I think you will befine, but don't hold me responsible for this, I'm just a happy customer (so far)

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I have a 910D3 gathering dust in my garage I bought new last December (2011) and used for only about 5 months. I should probably try and sell it but I've never gotten around to it.
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Do you have any uncashed checks for $70,000 like Ty Webb too?




I bought a used 910 D2 head on e-bay from a reputable dealer.  It was barely used.  That may be the way to go or find a local dealer with used equipment.  Folks may be unloading their old drivers for the 913.

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Originally Posted by boogielicious View Post



Do you have any uncashed checks for $70,000 like Ty Webb too?

Lol, I wish!  No, I actually am not a "club-ho" at all and didn't even buy the replacement (RazrFit from our fitting at Callaway last May). :)  I can't deny I hit the Callaway much better, which is why the D3 gathers dust, however, since I am a big-time work in progress, I want to hang onto the D3 for possible future use.


For example, I learned during this last Callaway visit that I have a -4 attack angle with the driver.  That may be something that, down the road, I will want to fix.  (I leave that stuff up to the 5SK guys :))  Perhaps one day I do work into a 0 swing or +1 or 2, and maybe then I'll find that the D3 works better.


That's kinda why I keep it around.  (Plus it's resale value wouldn't be near to what I consider its value:))

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