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Playing Golf With Arthritis

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I have been having pain in my right wrist for the last year and a half. I saw a hand specialist this week and after an X ray of my wrist, I have arthritis. I do not want to stop playing golf, I love this game. What can I do to keep playing? Change equipment, wrist brace, therapy, medication? This doctor I saw was worthless in giving me ideas to keep playing.
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 I've got various stages of arthritis in my right elbow, left and right ring fingers, right big toe, right shoulder. Probably a lot of it comes from too many swings on the range.  Glucosomine/chondroitin/MSM pills seem to help some. I also tried an elbow brace for awhile. I had a nurse suggest acupuncture if the pain got really bad, but so far I haven't needed it. Generally, rest is the best medicine. That, and ibuprofen before each round.

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For my arthritis, i do these things:
- wear gloves on both hands
- graphite shafts
- ovesized Winn grips
- at hole #6, one ibuprofen + one acetaminophen
- wait two days between rounds
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I know what you feel in the pain thing.  I have had it for 9 years.  Went to graphite shafts.

Rubber plugs in the butt end of shaft to reduce shock.  I was a digger and now pick the ball with a dollar bill size divot.  It took awhile to change my swing.  I only use my hip and knees to swing, my arms and hands just hold on to the club.  I haven't lost any distance because I swing it in to out for a draw.

I have had many cortizone shots and use natural items already posted.  Aspircream before I play or practice.  I also use DMSO, capcium cream and Voltaren gel. Appel cider vinegar and I mix yellow mustard in water and drink it.  I only take pain pills when nothing else works.  I stopped

taking all dairy products, sweets and salts.  I work my hand with a rubber ball.

I will not let this overtake me.  You have to use you mind to fight the pain to.

I hope this helps.

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