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Poll Results: Do you own Range Finder?

  • 68% (61)
    Have a range finder in the bag
  • 17% (16)
    Want one,but don't want to spend money on one
  • 13% (12)
    Do not need or want one
89 Total Votes  
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GPS app on my phone.  Like Stretch said, I feel blindfolded without it.

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I have a Bushnell Yardage Pro XGC, As others have said it speeds up play, no looking for markers, just walk to the ball (no matter what fairway it's on) and know your distance to the front, middle and back of the green. Had a few lasers, to involved!

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I have low end version of each type of "range finder" and I love the versatility.  The Bushnell Medalist laser device is accurate as anything and picks out the flag every time I've tried up to 250+.  I can't imagine any other feature (higher zoom, elevation) being that important enough to shell out basically double what the Medalist goes for today.

I also have the Izzo 3000, a simple "front/middle/back" GPS, for distances where laser isn't necessary, or if maybe I'm riding in a cart and forgot to get a laser measurement (since it fits in a belt clip and doesn't impede with my swing), or for giving a playing partner a little extra info for his/her shot.  They're both super handy and well worth the money.


If I could only have one though, I'd take the laser, hands down.

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I would like to get one just have not broken down yet, but to know how far and what club to use would be nice. Even at the range i know they do not keep up with the flags so you never really know how far you are hitting, that in it self would be great. Looks like I need to beark down and get one.

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I have a Garmin GPS watch, and have ordered a laser rangefinder. I am determined to get really comfortable with what my yardages actually are on the range and then know what I am faced with on the course...😃
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I use FreeCaddie on my Android phone, if anything. Sometimes I play without it for the challenge/learning to guage, but I must say its nice to have it when I do use it.....

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I also used to use freecaddie, and then bought a Bushnell Z6. Feel a little bit "naked" off the tee with distances to certain locations, but its amazing when you're going for the green!

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I have Golfshot GPS on my iPhone and a Bushnell V2. Love the golfshot for blind turns and keeping score/hdcp but for greens, the V2 can't be beat. My GIR has gone up significantly over the last month since I bought it. 

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I grew up playing without a GPS/rangefinder, playing for 20 years and finally purchasing the Nikon LR550.


Using the laser rangefinder has sped up the pace of play for me, and helped me better understand my distances.  I typically do not use the rangefinder within 60 yards, but find it very useful when playing new courses and avoiding trouble, and fine-tuning things on the range.  Highly recommend!

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I use both a GPS and a rangefinder. My GPS is a golfbuddy world and the Rangefinder is a Leupold. I use the GPS more often as it is just quicker. I usually only use the rangefinder when I have a question about a yardage to a specific spot on the course. I played many years just pacing off my yardage, its overrated and considerably slower.

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I've got neither at this point. Because of money, not because I have some odd distaste for technology.
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Originally Posted by Fourputt View Post

To anyone who is interested, they are all "rangefinders".  A golf GPS is a rangefinder.  A laser is a rangefinder.  That is what they do - they measure the distance or "range" from where you are to whatever the target is that you have in mind.  Some do it better than others.  I personally prefer a graphics based GPS.  My Garmin G5 will do virtually anything a laser will do, and it will do things that a laser can't do (like get accurate distance through trees and over hills when I can't see the target).  I used to have both a laser and GPS, but when I got the Garmin, I found that I didn't need the laser any more.  


So yes, I use a rangefinder, but I don't use a laser. a2_wink.gif




I tinkered with lasers and GPSs and I found that I'm more comfortable with GPS-type rangefinders.  Either system will give you distance, so that's neither here nor there.  However, I like GPS because it provides me with a topographical view of the hole.  With that information, I can quickly determine where the safe areas are on layups and where the "fat" part of the greens really are.  So, for me, the GPS gives me not just distance, but equally important, an idea of where I should aim.  I just bought a Garmin G6 and I really like it.

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I have used both at one time or another but prefer the GPS.  It is easier to use, has all the information you need, is accurate enough for 99% of the golfers out there, and I don't have to worry about pointing it.  I presently have a Sky Caddie SGX.

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I love my Ranger Finder and will never stop using one. I also have Golf Logix GPS which I enjoy as well.  Between the two, I tend to pull out the Range Finder first as it's fast and more accurate when say grabbing the distance of the pin on a par 3.

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Though I own a laser rangefinder I can see the reason why others would feel GPS is a more simpler way to go, Other than getting a precise yardage to a pin I think the gps may have an advantage on giving carry distances over hazards and traps and obviously on ones at an elevation. More than once I have accidentally shot a tree or hillside behind a flag because you have to hold the thing so darn steady at times ( it does take a little practice to get the hang of these things). Ultimately I think a gps will be with me in the near future but I still want to have a laser as well just to get a precise measurement once in a while when needed.

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I use the Golflogix app on my android phone.   It can be set up to suggest a club based upon your distance to any object on the hole.   It can measure to any hazard and with it I can measure the distances of each shot.    I was thinking about buying a laser range finder but I believe, for me, this is sufficient. 

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I've got a Leupold GX-1 and a Golf Buddy Voice. I love the GBP. Probably the reason I like it so much is no longer having to spend $$ on Sky Caddy subscriptions.


The Leupold GX-1 has been my constant golfing companion for the past 3 to 4 years. It has started to begin being a little flaky so I see a new GX-2i in my future.



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Originally Posted by slodsm View Post

I have Golfshot GPS on my iPhone and a Bushnell V2. Love the golfshot for blind turns and keeping score/hdcp but for greens, the V2 can't be beat. My GIR has gone up significantly over the last month since I bought it. 

+1 cept Golfshot on droid

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