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They are sure the 2012 , cause 2011 had only the hybrids line . Fairways Mashie line came for 2012 as the irons . And the sole design on the new hybrids changed slightly. Cleveland kept them in their 2013 catalog but won't release the Mashie woods no more.

Waiting for your feed back.

Not as anxiously as I am awaiting their arrival (first new set of irons in 10+ years).  I'm hoping they get here by next Friday because next weekend is a 3-day weekend.  I'd love to be able to put 54 holes on them right out of the gate.  Or maybe more if I am feeling ambitious.


And thanks for the info on the model years.  I'm not really up on that stuff, but it is nice to know.

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I ordered mines today at last. 3 and 5 woods + 23* hybrid with Myazaki C Kua 59 shafts (X stiff 63gr). Hope I had not made a mistake... Cause my wife won't allow me a second chance to buy clubs this yeard1_bigcry.gif (just bought a new set of ping S56 + the matching 3 tour S wedges on KBS shafts...) Will see.

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Let us know how you like them. I am also going with the x flex if I get them.
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Just back from the practice range, where I hit 300 balls. They are just what I had expected, not really pretty clubs, but frighteningly efficient!

The X stiff is the good choice for me, as they are not really strongly hard. They fit my tempo well and I have my average distances, but with much more consistency in the results and a big amount of confidence at adress.

My previous little head Launchers 2005 were definitly too compact for me, though they are extremly good woods.

The sound is neat, a good clack. Mishits are not penalized too much, just a loss of distance but staying in line.


The revelation for me is the 23° Hybrid (I had no Hybrids until this day). It 's SO easy. It gives me a good 185/190 mètres (205+ yards) and will stand in for my 4 iron in my bag, with a much higher trajectory. Will be perfect on tee for shorts par 4.

It' s true it has a little draw bias, but not embarrassing at all.


To recap, not high roller 's clubs, but a dependable value at a bargain price.


Hope it will help.

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Yeah, they arent the prettiest clubs in the world but they do work very well.

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Guys, it's 2013 and the Mashie has been replaced with the Classic Hybrid - the shaft is the Matrix Ozik shaft and I believe it's a bit different from the previous Miyazaki shaft.


I haven't hit the Mashie before, but I know Cleveland's been using the same gliderail technology for these clubs for about 15 years.  I've been looking to add a hybrid to the bag for awhile now, and tried a host of hybrids over the course of two testing sessions this past month at Golfsmith.  I consistently hit longer and straighter w/ the Cleveland Classic Hybrid - both 18 degree 2h and the 20.5 3h.  


Here's the list of hybrids I tried, ranked in order with my thoughts on each:


1. Cleveland Classic Hybrid - purchased this club after 2 sessions.  Feels the most like an iron, with the ability to swing easy and still produce a penetrating ball that for me has gotten a nice high trajectory that still penetrates into the wind at my local range (usually a 1-2 club wind dead in your face at this range).  


2. Ping g20 - At first loved the forgiveness and consistent distance of this hybrid, but the feel was a bit too heavy for my liking, and although this hit arguably the same distance and was a straight ball flight like the Cleveland Classic (avg carry of 201-105, total distance around 215-220 average), it did not feel as iron-like throughout the swing.  After about 10 shots I started to see that the club was actually not as forgiving as I thought and felt somewhat stingy at impact.  


3.Ping i20 - also liked this club, tried it only for the first session but it looked too much like a wood at address.  Just wasn't what I was looking for.


4. Adams v4 - I came in really wanting to like the Adams hybrid, because of all the hype and being the #1 hybrid on tour.  But the hybrid felt super heavy and the head felt clunky.  I just didn't hit it as purely and didn't feel like I could dial in my swing with the club because of the way the head was shaped.  It's awkwardly rectangular and felt clunky and didn't do it for me.



Sorry for the long review that may be out of context for the post, but I know there are not a lot of reviews on the new Cleveland Classic line, so I wanted to get some content out there for everyone.





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great clubs that can be picked up very cheaply at the moment. the retro raw finish is great.

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