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Mizuno MP-59 or TaylorMade MC forgiveness

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Hey Everyone,


I am new here, I come across this site often enough when I am researching stuff so I figured I might as well join the community.


I used to play TaylorMade MC's last year (2012), I LOVED my 3i and sometimes used in replace of my driver for the added accuracy I gained from it; the entire set was very nice to play versus my previous TaylorMade CB's (2012 as well) and TaylorMade Burner 2.0's (2011).


I have since tried out some MP 53's and 59's at the store and I am SOLD on the MP-59's in terms of looks, feel, and how the address. I went back to the store a few times since and tried them over and over again. Given that it is winter here I could not figure out the forgiveness in comparison to the MC's, I found the MC's quite forgiving. My iron play is my strong point in my game.


I am trying to get away from this whole TaylorMade thing. I don't want to offend anyone or open a can of hate but I have grown real tired of this companies antics, I want to trust a company more "calm" with less gadgets and promises of changing tour forever etc so logically Mizuno is my next choice. I have tried Titleist in the past but I just don't feel it.


Can anyone who's gamed the two before give me some sort of comparison? I am thinking about buying the MP-59's tonight.

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If you think your play will benefit from spending a decent amount on a new set of irons, and its what you really want, then go for it. If they are a little less forgiving its not the end of the world, it will just force you to improve. If you can't justify spending money just because you are tired of playing with your current clubs, then stick with what you have. Either way, don't sell your current set before you buy the new set in case you get out on the course and absolutely hate them.

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Hi Casey,


Thanks for your response. I'm not worried about the money, it's only money :) I am just tired of my current clubs and "noise" around TaylorMade stuff and i fell in love with the MP-59's when I saw them and even more when I hit them, they performed very well. My only concern was forgiveness but you're right about the forgiveness comment. I've did a lot of research and apparently they are forgiving if not more forgiving than the Muscle Cavities found in the TM's I have. According to most reviews the forgiveness is the roughly same of a players cavity back which could mean a lot of different things, I am not sure if they refer to a Muscle cavity or whatever but either way I am already used to playing Muscle Cavities and this profile of club.


Anyway, I think i'll go play with them one more time at the store and buy them today :)  

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I just purchased the Mizuno JPX 825 and will play with them for the first time next sunday. I did however consider the MP 59. They are BEAUTIFUL. I did not buy them out of fear that I'm not good enough to play such irons. I'm a 15 handicap. On second thought maybe I should have bought the MP 59.

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