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Originally Posted by golflaw View Post

Understand Ping G 25 is being released. Is there timetable for I25?
Is Ping releasing any other new irons this year?
Thanks much.

Emphasis was on the G25, Anser and S56.


There was no mention of the I25.  I have heard since then that they "might" be coming out with a new version in the Fall?

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And, by popular demand:


Holly Saunders


Lexi Thompson

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In case you guys haven't seen, here's all the content we got from the show.  Just added some videos today.  One is Bobby Clampett giving a clinic


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Thanks so much, guys, on keeping us informed with a bit of what went on during the show! Appreciated!

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Originally Posted by Harmonious View Post

The PGA Show in Orlando commences in a couple of weeks.  I plan to get out to the demo day on the 23rd, and hit one or two of the conference days.  It's always a good time, with a chance to try out all sorts of stuff: clubs, training aids, launch monitors, and chat with a bunch of golf people. 


In the past, I've been able to talk to Bob Vokey about his latest wedge designs and Michael Breed about his putter training aids. I've gotten a quick putting lesson from Dave Stockton Jr. and been fitted for a putter by Todd Sones. Oh yeah, and shared a cocktail with Roger Maltbie at the Optishot booth's happy hour.


My reason for posting is to offer my services, for whatever they are worth, to the Sand Trap community. If there are folks out there that want specific information on golf stuff, let me know and I will try to get it for you.  Note: Don't ask me whether the new TM R1 driver is the greatest ever (too subjective) or what clothing lines Ian Poulter is bringing out (not interested).  But if there is something you want to know, within reason, I'll try to find out and report back.

So they hold breakout sessions on "Growing the Game" at the PGA Show but arent bright enough to realize that maybe one way to do so is to open up at least one day of the show to the general public.Then they write articles in the Golf Mags and present stories on Golf Channel, etc.  discussing the many woes of the games declining popularity......anyone else see a problem here?


FYI PGA: -  The secret to growing the game is to make it more user friendly and accessible.....the PGA Show would be a great place to start, eh?

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