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I've actually posted several times on this site before, but I thought it would be fitting to formally introduce myself and say hello. I've been golfing for about two years now, and am totally addicted to the game. My primary goal is to become a scratch golfer in three years and be competitive in good amateur tournaments throughout my late thirties and forties (and beyond?). I'm 37 now. I played college baseball and have 8 high school varsity letters, so I feel I have the athletic ability and drive to do it. I've just always been fascinated by how much more important it is to practice and learn smarter, not just harder, in golf. That's one reason I've joined this forum - to get tips from some knowledgeable and passionate folks like y'all, while sharing experiences.


Another thing: I'm new to Phoenix, and no one I work with or know really plays much golf. If anyone in the Phoenix or Tucson area is looking for a twosome or foursome partner, let me know. I'd be happy to get out there.


Thanks to the organizers of this forum and everyone for participating. Cheers!