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Do I need ladies flex shaft?

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My 5 iron hits are consistently carry the ball 140 yards, and I don't think I can swing faster with acceptable accuracy. And ball flights in general tend to fade, I can't remember if I have ever hit a draw. Do you think I should try ladies flex shaft?


I don't mind using ladies clubs if it's suitable for me.

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No, get regular flex shafts. If your younger and fit i would even recommend s flex (possibly)


It sounds like you haven't been playing for many years, as you sort out your swing, you will increase distance exponentially. If you have a urge to spend some $$$ try to find a instructor that you get along with and take a few lessons...


I've hit my wife's clubs, and i didn't really notice that much less length than my S flex clubs, but i did lose accuracy because the ball flew to the moon and came down like a leaf without any direction.....so, chances are you wont really pickup any distance and ladies flex could actually turn that fade into a slice.


Good luck

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I have just returned from a local pro shop, I tried a TM RBZ 5 Hybrid in regular shaft there, it's really feel softer than my iron graphite flex R shaft (Taylormade Burner 2007, first version, Asian only I believe)


I hit 8 balls in total, 5 of them shot straight up to the sky and dropped around 170-180 yards, only two are straight, one pull fade, one fade and one push draw... 3 bad hits (topped, thin...)


So, with softer flex shaft, I lost some consistency in ball flight but gain accuracy on where the ball drop. Trajectories are higher, much higher and distance gained are around 30-40 yards.


I was like what the F after the first hit, the ball take off, went straight into the sky with in a perfect straight path and fell hard onto the grass. I then proceed to hit some more and got above results.


I guess with softer shaft, I have more backspin which help the balls take off easier, steep drop angle reflect that, too.


Wow, just wow...

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Did you get a swing speed during your test?  A lot of factors go into fitting the proper shaft.  Tempo and swing speed are two main factors.  I would err on the side of a stiffer shaft are really focus on improving your swing and getting good contact.

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Erm, I don't have any reliable way to measure my swing speed. Can a device like Swingbyte be useful to analyze my swings?

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