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Changing My Grip...Working Well for Every Club Except the Driver

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Hey golfers,


This is only my second post on here, but after receiving an email asking me "Where have ya been?" from The Sandtrap, I figured i would make another comment.


So after 3.5 years of golfing I realized i was gripping the club with a weak grip. Basically, both of my thumbs were pointing straight down the shaft which i was told usually results in a fade shot. That was my natural ball path...a high fade.  I recently strengthened my grip and moved my left thumb to the right side of the shaft and put my right thumb on the left side of the shaft. It feels really strange, but i am going to stick with it to see how it pans out. Now my natural ball path is a high draw, which i am certainly happy with.


This new grip is making me hit each of my irons about 15 yards further. It is working quite well with every one of my clubs except my DRIVER. The driver is my worst club but I am determined to start hitting it better in 2013.  I guess the new grip has something to do wit hit, but are there any tips for how i can straighten out my drives....  I feel like i either blast one right down the center or i hit a slice and sometimes over draw the tee shots.  Again this does not happen to me with any other club except the driver.


Any tips or hints are greatly appreciated.


The last round i played i shot 5 over on the back and 2 over on the front for a 78.  If i can get more accuracy with my driver i know it would only help me be able to score better.


Thanks everyone!



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Im currently in the middle of a grip change as well....moving to a more neutral grip from a strong one. Im getting nasty push-slices with my driver and am using my old strong grip until i get it straightened out
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Could be your driver shaft is too whippy. If you are hitting everything else consistently (whatever that means to you) with your new grip, then maybe it's the club.  But I would have to wonder why you wouldn't start out with a neutral grip, with the V's of both hands pointing to your back shoulder, more or less.  If I understand your description, your left hand is strong, but your right hand is weak.  Seems they would be fighting each other instead of working together.

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your back shoulder?

so both v's point to the rear?


I am confused now

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Actually, I just found out the ball was not far enough in the front of my stance. I knew this simple rule jeez golf 101.... I put the ball an inch further in my stance, basically lined up with the inside of my left foot... And amazing results. I tested out the Adams speed line F11 stiff shaft, the R11, and the rocketballZ driver stuff shaft 9.0 degree.

It was an instant change and I was cranking the RBZ 324 was the furthest. Definitely hit the RBZ the most consistent and was able to turn it over from right to left pretty good.

Super pumped to take this to the course and try to go from a 9.8 to a 6.0 this season!
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