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Lance Armstrong is Still Lying

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Dude this guy is something else. He is SO cocky it blows my mind. And honestly, every time he tells Oprah something isn't true, or denies something, I can't help but think he's still lying. I couldn't give a crap about cycling, but he's just a liar and that bothers me. He ruined people's lives because he was too prideful to get over his own ego.

He's such a loser. I can't believe I DVR'd and sat through his bs.

Oh and I feel like Lance is a thousand times the scumbag everybody portrayed Tiger to be. Tiger made mistakes in his personal life that really only affected himself and his wife. Lance lied to the whole world.
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Of course, Tiger's lies affected him, his wife, his children, probably gave great amount of pain to relatives on both sides...typical fallout made worse by being the focus of media attention for a couple of years.


Lance Armstrong lied and then tore people up whenever they told the truth about him. He annihilated friends, fellow cyclists on his team, and then contacted at least a couple of them on the phone in preparation for the Oprah interview and refused to retract the lies he told about them when they had told the truth. He never apologized to them for hurting them, ruining their reputations, causing them intense emotional suffering, and sidelining some of their professional careers. He was vicious and vindictive. 


He seems to fit the pattern of the self-involved jerk who does public acts of charity to feel better about himself and to add value to his $brand$. I'm sure he cares - fighting cancer - something that threatened his personal well-being and am appreciative of the livestrong foundation.


I hope that he faces civil and criminal charges for his actions. He is responsibility.

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