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Greetings from Sunny Southern CA

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I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to the forum. I have used this site and the forum many times over the last few years to read equipment reviews etc. and I am grateful for the knowledgable people here as you all have helped me immensely.


I am currently carrying a H.C. index of 3.2 and I play golf 2-3 times per week , I practice nearly everyday.  In fact I was motivated to join for a couple reasons. 


1: whenever I was in the market for a club or clubs,  I rarely made a purchase without visiting the reviews section here.  This site has both saved me time and $$$ guaranteed!


2: Someone broke into my car, stole my entire golf bag recently forcing me to  purchase an entirely new ( or new to me ) set. After hitting a few irons on my own I narrowed my choices down to 4 brands , then came here to read up on them. I finally settled on Mizuno MP- 53's 3-pw and Boy am I happy and grateful to the staff here and the wonderful people in the forums! 


Thank you all and I look forward to participating in discussions with you. 





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Good to have you here... Where abouts in SoCal are you. I'm out in the Palm Springs area (Palm Desert) and there are quite a few of us in SoCal (Orange County, LA area, San Diego).


Check out the "Groups" feature of the site and consider joining the SoCal Golfers group. A lot of us got together last month in Fountain Valley for a little outing/tournament and are planning another one in a few months.


PS: sucks that you got your clubs stolen; I know how that feels as I had it happen to me about 1 1/2 years ago... on the plus side, you got new sticks, so that's always nice. I hope your insurance took care of you like mine took care of me!

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Welcome to TST!  Great to have another solid golfer from SoCal interested in being apart of the forums.  We have some solid users and golfers located in Socal... Hope to see you on here more, and perhaps you'd be interested in getting out and playing in one of our upcoming outings?  As Tristan mentioned, check out the Groups section.



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Thanks Tristan and BC;


i live in Studio City and work in Santa Monica. I just joined the socal group and woud definitely be interested in the golf outings. As an addicted golfer I have managed to find a way to play golf at many courses in california, Nevada, AZ, Ore and Wash. In other words I am not afraid to throw the sticks in the car and get out!


Thanks again, and I look forward to possibly meeting up with you guys soon.



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