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Golf club I storage

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I am moving into a condo this spring.  There is a heated common garage which has room for a storage unit or shelving in front of the parking spaces.   Looking for recommendation for storage of my clubs and push cart.  Options are open shelving / rack or secured and locked cabinet.  There are only 11 units in the building and I am not concerning about fellow condo owners.  I still have some reservations about having my clubs just sitting there in the open.  Thanks for thoughts and recommendations.


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Keep your clubs in your condo....spare bedroom, closet, wherever, but NOT in any kind of common area!
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I keep mine in my apartment.  Unless its a locked garage that I can control who has access to, I wouldnt trust people.  I actually keep my push cart in the truck of my car year-round.  I dont worry about the cold or heat effecting it.

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You have a lot of money wrapped up in your clubs and unless you want an excuse to by a brand new set, keep them locked up. Keep them in your condo!

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My clubs sit in the spare bedroom of my town house and even my wife is ok with it. You could also stand them in the back of a closet so they are completely out of sight, this is easier if you have a tour/cart bag than a stand bag. 

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I too recently moved into a condo this fall. I started leaving my clubs in the garage but couldn't do it. I brought them in and they're now staying nice and cozy in the spare bedroom. :)
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Even if you trust your neighbors, if someone leaves the door open, others may come in and steal your clubs.  I would get a locked storage cabinet for the other stuff like the pull cart and any other accessories.  Just bring your clubs inside.  And get a baby monitor like the guy in the FedEx commercial.




For the cart, I use one of the two wheeled types made of aluminum so it doesn't rust.  Check out the Equipment section for review of carts.  Make sure your bag fits the cart.  Bring your bag to the store and put it on.  Sometimes the bag straps, etc., don't line up with the cart straps and base holder.



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In your condo or in a locked cabinet.  Even if you could guarantee the integrity of all your neighbors...which you can't....how about their friends and family who visit?

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I arrived a golf supplies traders hope to make more good friends here


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are you a member of a club?  If so maybe you could keep your clubs at the course. 

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