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What Should I Be Scoring?

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I am a Junior in high school trying out for the team this year. I have been playing golf for maybe a year and a half. I am currently scoring in the mid to high eighties. Is this good, or average for a high school golfer of this age. Side Note: I am having trouble with getting height off the driver, everything else is fine. But whenever is try to higher my tee I find myself sky rocketing the ball. Any tips on getting some height?

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What driver loft and which shaft are you currently using?

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The driver loft is 10.5 and the shaft is the Matrix Ozik for the Burner 2.0

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We can't really tell you what you "should" be scoring if we don't know your goals. Are you trying to be tops on the team? Set yourself up for college? Play tournaments? All/none of the above?
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My goals in golf are to just get on the team, and set myself up for a division II college golf team. Tops on the team, and tournaments will come later if I make the team.

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Hey Satch, How good is good enough really depends on the quality of the team but for most average highschool teams mid to high 80's in a competitive atmosphere should be solid for making at least Junior Varsity. You should be able to find some scores from the team in your local paper on the internet. That will tell you all you need to know on where you stand as far as what you need to score during tryouts.


I would also suggest that if you don't have a lot of junior tournament experience to get out and play in a few this summer. There's a big difference playing a round with family or friends versus playing with competitors that want to beat your brains out. Tournament experience is priceless!!


As far as your Driver goes without seeing your swing it may be a fitting issue. You may not be playing enough loft or the shaft may be too stiff or a combination of both. It's always best to be fitted if you have that option.

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Shooting mid to high 80's should get you onto a high school golf team unless you happen to live in an area with a hot bed of golfing talent.  There are usually 1-2 golfers at each school in my area that shoot in the 70's but the other players on the team are probably in your range.  At both high schools that I have worked at anyone that went out for the team made the team and only the top 6 competed each week.

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I was thinking something and typing another. IMO, mid 80's would get you onto the team.  High 80's I'm not so sure about that getting you on.

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     Also consider what you shoot under tournament conditions. If you do not have a lot of experience playing in tournaments and under pressure it may significantly impact what you shoot when you need to try out for the high school team. Play in local tournaments to help gain experience playing under pressure because it is a lot different than playing with your friends and tournament results will go a long way to helping you get a scholarship . The only way to know if you can make the team is to practice as much as possible and go try out. Good luck. 

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Thanks for all the replies, just wanted to let you guys know that i made the team:D. Thanks again.

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Congratulations. How are you compared to the others on your team?
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When i made the golf team in highschool. they only let me practice and not compete i was a football player but it was nice to play free golf and i learned alot from the coach. now i dropped my handicap to under a 15 so the experiance was good even though it took over 6 years lol but i never took golf serious until the last few years.

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Satch great news on making the team congradulations.

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Congrats on aiming for college golf. My only thinking about the driver is I think the ozik is a low/mid launch shaft you may want to try a high launch shaft. Are your misses low and left? If so you may be rolling your hands closed at impact, in term delofting the driver
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