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Bought Scotty Cameron putter this weekend.

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I have been wanting a mallet style putter for awhile now after messing around with the wife's Odessey when I am practising at home .

I have spent a lot of hours all together at Golftown trying out all different brands and styles . I currently play my twenty year old Ping Anser 2 and after trying others thought the mallet style and litlle more weight was the thing for me .

I had it narrowed down to a Ping Scottsdale mallet that I liked and the Scotty Cameron Golo S .  I was leaning toward the Ping cause it was alot cheaper than the Scotty . We went to GT on the weekend and the wife says " you might as well get the one you really want so you will be happy with it " . So I left the store with my great wife and a new Scotty . Now I can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit so we can get out and try it .

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Congrats on your purchase, you will not be disappointed. 

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Scotty's are arguably the best putters on the market. Take it from me...as I've tried them all! Some of the insert technology on the Pings and Odyssey's wear over time and the body of the putter generally isn't milled the same way Scotty's are.


It's very nice that your wife (like mine) is supportive of our habit, sorry, hobby. Ha!


What you will most appreciate is the feel off the putter face. It is a very consistent feel and sound. There are other milled putters on the market that are close (the Never Compromise Gambler or Dinero series comes to mind). Down the road, if you want to further customize your Scotty you can send it directly to Titleist. Costs like $200 but will make your putter even more unique, but certainly not necessary!


Another unique thing about milled putters is that they are easy to bend. If you think the toe is too high or to low, just bring it to a certified professional and they only charge like $5 to bend the loft & lie on your putter (if you need it). 


I suppose the best attribute of your new putter is simply that you love it. Players MUST love their driver, wedge, and putter. If you love your putter you will be more confident. More confidence = more holed putts.


I bought my first Scotty in 2003 and now own four of them...


Congrats on your purchase!

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I just purchased my second California series Scotty, and so far this new Monterey is the finest tool I have ever used!!!! I have beat my previous best round 2 times in a week. I cannot wait to send it out to his custom shop and pimp it out even more!
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