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Driver-Callaway diablo octane tour 11.5
Wood- Cleveland classic XL 3 wood 15.5
Hybrid- Taylor made rescue burner 3 19
Irons- callaway diablo edge irons 4-sw
Wedges- Cleveland CG 16 60 & 64
Putter- Cleveland classic almost belly
Bag-Callaway diablo stand bag
Ball- pro v1x
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Driver - Callaway Razr x Black 10.5

3 Wood - Callaway Razr x Black

3 & 4 Hybrid - Ping G20

Irons - 5-LW - Ping G25

Putter - Ping Karsten

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Driver: Adams Fast 12 LS, 8.5 degree stiff Fubuki. A great head, even set to 7.5 I've been able to hit it nice and high. Could use a new shaft, as I overpower the Fubuki a bit, but I believe this head will last me a couple years. Got it for half the price of a new driver when they released the speedline super LS. I'll be using this one to hit a bunch of 300 yarders this season, once our courses get some roll in the spring. Underrated head, IMO.


3W: 13.5 degree Mizuno MP650, stiff. A very anti left club, hard to get off the deck, still working on finding the right ball position and setup. But off the tee it's got a lot of speed and not too much spin, due to the titanium face. I don't see this replacing my driver on tight tee shots, but it's sure got the firepower to position me on a very difficult line to reach with my hybrid. And it's about as long off the deck as any club I could get on solid hits. Got it for similarly cheap as I did my others for the season. Needs a bit more shaft, especially in terms of weight. 


Hybrid: 17 degree Adams super SS, stiff. A great club off the deck and very easy to hit off the tee. Picked it up as they released the new ones and got about half price. I need a bit more shaft to get the flight flattened, but it's pretty straight. Very forgiving, it's a great club for a stress free tee shot.


Irons: I've been accruing a set of Maltby TE irons with soft stepped X flex C tapers in them, and I look to finish my set with the 4, 6, and 8 irons this spring. They are about as good as money can buy, I can get plenty of height from the C tapers and they feel absolutely great. They also seem to keep the ball really straight, even though I feel I'm cutting the ball a lot I hit about a 2-5 yard pull fade with my 7 iron. Very consistent. Hard to tell how the ball will react on greens, but the height would seem to indicate I'll get plenty of check, even on my longer irons. I'll be looking to match the feel of my other clubs to these when I reshaft.


Ball: B330, I've switched from gamers this year and I like the performance around the greens. Haven't seen the flight on my long clubs yet, but I expect to be happy with them as long as I don't lose or shred too many. Perfect off the putter for me.

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Replaced my R9 driver and 3 wood and switched around some wedges.

Driver: 9.5 Callaway RAZR Fit Extreme X-Stiff
3 Wood: 14.5 Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 Tour X-Stiff
Irons: Mizuno MP32 3-pw with DG X-100's
Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM4 52, 56, 60 with DG X-300's
Putter: Bettinardi BB8
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Bag #1  (assembled in 2012)

Titleist Irons

Titleist Fairway 3

Titleist Hybrid 17

Ping Eye 2  - '1 iron' (secret weapon)

a couple of Vokey Wedges

Nike Driver  10.5

Scotty Cameron Squareback 2


Bag #2  (my old clubs from the '80s)

Ping Eye 2 irons

Taylor Made 3 Metalwood

Taylor Made 7 Metalwood

Taylor Made Driver

Tommy Armour putter

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Originally Posted by KrazyTrain18 View Post

Hey guys, I know there's a few master threads already, but just wanting to know what everyone has in the bag for 2013...I know mine is in my sig but I'll type it out anyway:


I've been playing a Ping G5 driver (9°, regular flex) for the past few years. I thought that I would upgrade this winter, but as hard as it is to believe, I have won THREE drivers since last October.  First, I won a TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0 (10.5°, regular flex) at a banquet as a door prize. Then I won a TaylorMade R11 (10.5°, regular flex) from a golf website contest. Finally, I won a TaylorMade RocketBallz (9.5°, stiff shaft) at the Pittsburgh Golf Show. When it rains, it pours! I will give each of them a try-out, and then probably give one of them to my golfing buddy who is also looking for a driver.


I actually have four complete sets of golf clubs in my repertoire. One that I use from April to October, and a second that I use from October to April. The other two sets I call "guest bags" for relatives who come into town and don't bring a set of clubs to play.  I do pull those sets out of the basement dungeon once or twice a year, just so they can see the light of day. The basic clubs that I use are in my signature.


I rotate four different putters in and out of the bag that I am using, (Ping B60 and Anser 2, Odyssey XG #9 and White Steel 2-Ball),  and this year I have gone back to a traditional right-hand low style after playing the last 15 years cross-handed (left-hand low). In addition, I put a jumbo putter grip on the Anser 2, and have been trying the "claw" grip, similar to what Phil Mickelson is currently using.  Maybe one day I'll figure it out.

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Replaced my Burner Buperfast 2.0 driver (9.5*), with a new 2012 Cobra Amp (9.5*) stock stiff shaft

Replaced my Callaway Squareway 3 wood with a "new to me" RBZ 3 wood, stock stiff shaft.

Replaced my Ping G5 , 3 hybrid (19*), with a "new to me" RBZ 3 hybrid, stock stiff shaft.

Still trying to figure out if i should get another RBZ hybrid in either 22* or 25*.

Rest of the bag is unchanged

Taylormade R7 irons 5-pw
Cleveland CG11 56*
Vokey spin milled 52* & 60*
Odyssey 2 ball black i series putter
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My first post but ill give it a shot.

Cobra amp cell driver. 9.5
Cobra amp cell 3-4 wood 13-16 degree
Cobra 4 hybrid 22 degree
Cobra 5 hybrid 25 degree
Cobra 6 hybrid 28 degree
Cobra 7 hybrid 31 degree
Cobra 8 iron 35 degree
Cobra 9 iron 39 degree
Cobra PW. 43 degree
Vokey. 48 degree
Vokey. 52 degree
Vokey 56 degree
Vokey. 60 degree
Scotty Cameron California .20 gram weights.
This will be my third season learning golf. My best roun last year was 76. We play a lot of cash games which can make you learn pretty quickly. My goal this year is 72.
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I am looking at a new driver but besides that everything should be the same.

Driver: Taylor Made burner superfast 2.0 with graffalloy prolaunch red Regular shaft

3 wood: Taylormade RBZ stock stiff shaft

hybrid: 18* adams a12 pro with adilla rip vs proto hybrid stiff shaft

irons: 4-pw mizuno jpx 800 pro with kbs tour stiff + 1/2 inch

wedges: 52, 56, 60 bridgestone WC kbs hi rev

putter: Odyssey white ice 2 ball 

ball: Srixon z star

grips: golfpride red VDR

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How do you like the AMP driver and how is it different from the 2.0? ( I am in the market for a driver). 

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I like the AMP so far. I have 7 rounds with it this season, and am getting around the same distance as was with my 2.0 (maybe 5 yards less, both are 9.5*). However, I am a little more accurate with the AMP. I basically traded a little distance for a little accuracy.

I have the stock stiff shaft in both clubs, 55g RIP in the AMP, REAX 4.8 in the 2.0. Compared to the AMP the 2.0 feels a little whippy. I think the 2.0 is an inch longer so that could be a factor.

The AMP is adjuatable (closed, neutral, open) where the 2.0 is not. I set the AMP to closed which could be behind the increased accuaracy I have seen vs the 2.0. Hope this helped.
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I like my amp, but it's not the driver, it's the golfer, now a days all the drivers can get you there. Just pick one that mentally makes you happy
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Originally Posted by Shortylook View Post

R11s 9.5deg r flex driver neutral setting
R11s 3 wood r flex neutral setting
Taylormade rescue 3 18 deg
Mizuno MP-59 4i - pw
Taylormade ATV wedge's 54deg 60deg
Odyssey white hot 2 ball putter
All left handed
Callaway towel
Footjoy glove
Nike golf shoes
Wilson staff dx3 balls
Clicgear 3.0 cart
Oakley antix sunglasses
Solar umbrella
Tees of every variety

Footjoy superlites

odyssey 2ball metal x putter

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See my sig-same for last two years. I know-except for the hybrids it looks like it came from a bad garage sale. I might get a new wedge this year and may start out putting with an old Anser 2 I have been practicing with.
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Also I am thinking my core less expensive ball this year might be the Titleist DT SOLO. At least I am gonna try a dozen to start and will continue to use Bridgestones and the occasional sleeve of PRO V1's for "serious" events--well as serious as I get anyway.
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Also I guess outside the bag, but I really want to walk more and try some True or Ecco shoes this year.
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Well no changes this year.

But during the last season my whole bag changed, last change irons


i was playing the old Taylormade Tour Preferred irons 

now playing Mizuno MP 59


I was thinking on changing out my woods but didn't

because i get the best numbers with the TM R11 TP


i was playing the Wilson FG Tour balls but went with TM Penta TP5

because off spin control 

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had the same set for like 10 years now.  going to get a new set soon.  right now this is what im working with:


Driver:  Cleveland 460 Comp Launcher 9* with Grafalloy Stiff Blue

3 Wood:  Taylormade Burner

Hybrid:  Taylormade Rescue

3-PW:  Titleist 690.cb
54* Vokey Spin Milled

60* Cleveland 588*

Putter:  Ping Karsten

Ball:  whatever is on sale

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