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Agreed, I just wanted properly fit irons right away.
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Pretty much what's in my signature. I might take out the 64* wedge and put in a 3I just to give it a try.

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In my bag: 


Driver: Taylormade Burner Superfast 9.5 degrees

3 Wood: Taylormade Burner Superfast

Hybrid: Taylormade Burner Superfast 2.0 18 degrees 

Irons: Taylormade Burner 2.0 4-AW 

Wedges: Cleveland CG-14 Chrome Tour Zip Wedge 56 degree SW, Ben Hogan Colonial wedge 60 degree LW

Putter: Nike Everclear E-11 

Ball: Pro v1x 


- all with stock grips except putter with super stroke oversize 

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Almost everything new including bag..
Callaway diablo octane tour 9.5(old don't like it)
3wood cobra amp
2-3 cobra amp cell hybrid orange :)
4-gw Cobra amp cell irons fitted orange :)
Cleveland cg12 sand wedge.(old but love it)
Cobra big trusty rusty 60*
Scotty Cameron pro platinum
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Originally Posted by LuciusWooding View Post

Driver: Adams Fast 12 LS, 8.5 degree stiff Fubuki. A great head, even set to 7.5 I've been able to hit it nice and high. Could use a new shaft, as I overpower the Fubuki a bit, but I believe this head will last me a couple years. Got it for half the price of a new driver when they released the speedline super LS. I'll be using this one to hit a bunch of 300 yarders this season, once our courses get some roll in the spring. Underrated head, IMO.

3W: 13.5 degree Mizuno MP650, stiff. A very anti left club, hard to get off the deck, still working on finding the right ball position and setup. But off the tee it's got a lot of speed and not too much spin, due to the titanium face. I don't see this replacing my driver on tight tee shots, but it's sure got the firepower to position me on a very difficult line to reach with my hybrid. And it's about as long off the deck as any club I could get on solid hits. Got it for similarly cheap as I did my others for the season. Needs a bit more shaft, especially in terms of weight. 

Hybrid: 17 degree Adams super SS, stiff. A great club off the deck and very easy to hit off the tee. Picked it up as they released the new ones and got about half price. I need a bit more shaft to get the flight flattened, but it's pretty straight. Very forgiving, it's a great club for a stress free tee shot.

Irons: I've been accruing a set of Maltby TE irons with soft stepped X flex C tapers in them, and I look to finish my set with the 4, 6, and 8 irons this spring. They are about as good as money can buy, I can get plenty of height from the C tapers and they feel absolutely great. They also seem to keep the ball really straight, even though I feel I'm cutting the ball a lot I hit about a 2-5 yard pull fade with my 7 iron. Very consistent. Hard to tell how the ball will react on greens, but the height would seem to indicate I'll get plenty of check, even on my longer irons. I'll be looking to match the feel of my other clubs to these when I reshaft.

Ball: B330, I've switched from gamers this year and I like the performance around the greens. Haven't seen the flight on my long clubs yet, but I expect to be happy with them as long as I don't lose or shred too many. Perfect off the putter for me.
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Originally Posted by DeepDivot View Post

I had the same problem with my fast 12. I reshafted it with the ust proforce v2 shaft and it realy helped me out . Not a terribly expensive. shaft either .
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Originally Posted by DeepDivot View Post

I had the same problem with my fast 12. I reshafted it with the ust proforce v2 shaft and it realy helped me out . Not a terribly expensive. shaft either .

Yeah, I was playing it the other day, set to 7.5˚ and open 1 degree, and getting a perfectly fine flight without much curve and plenty of penetration. A bit of ballooning but still a ton of roll, I got 2 drives I measured with my laser with a distance of 294 and 308, the former putting me in the left fairway at 60 yards out, the latter putting me 3 yards from the 150 marker on a par 5. Carry was about 260-270 without getting over about 80 feet, and a nice draw. I think something in an X with a stiff tip and around 70g should work better with the loft set a bit higher, and it should help me visually and give me much more carry. I have to say it's certainly a low spin head, with a very true launch. The shaft isn't ideal but my swing's smooth enough to get the speed without bending it too much. I was considering something like an aldila Rip alpha, especially since I want the 85x in my hybrid.


As for the 3 wood and hybrid, I think the hybrid's great, too. I can get about 250 yards of carry out of it, nearly drove the green on a 277 par 4. That shaft made me reconsider my plan to put a steel shaft in it, very stable feeling and not too light. I decided I like the extra length and just want a touch lower spin and the ability to swing it harder. The 3 wood needs a new shaft because I hook it too easily. I hit 2 tee shots on the same hole that ended up within 4 yards of each other... One was the 3 iron, 230 with a nice high flight, the other was a well struck but overdrawn and low shot with my 3w. I think I need a bit of work on using that club, but a new shaft would help. 


The best new thing in my bag is probably my rangefinder, but next week I'm putting in an unlimited range pass to a grass range for the year. That's what will really help me get better.

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Taylormade R11 with Oban Kiyoshi White shaft

Taylormade RBZ 3w with Aldila Trinity shaft

Ping i15 17* hybrid 

Taylormade RBZ 4h

Mizuno MP53 5-PW with Project X 5.0 Shafts with Neon Pink Lamkin R.E.L 3Gen 

Scotty Cameron Newport 1.5 with Superstroke 55 slim

Nike ONE RZN-X golf ball

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I'm back at it after only playing about 4 times last year.

I went to my Titleist 690.CBs about a month ago. I'm getting better but not where I want to be.

Sig line.....

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Well here is my set listed below.

I'm really happy with the way i hit them.

With the season just started and i got the 

feeling this could be a good year for me,

i feel i can knock on hdc 5 this year.

I pretty much bought a complete new bag last year.

last i put the irons in the bag and those are just so sweet.

i was at the course yesterday playing a quick 9 holes.

ended it at -1 ( 3 birds 1 dbogey 5 par's ) db came after a plugged bunker lie and i skinned my 58 degree wedge out over the green on pitched it back to about 8 feet and didn't hole my put.

had 2 birds on par 3's and 1 par 5. I hit pw on the first par 3 to about 6 feet, and holed a 18 footer after hitting a 6 iron. Par 5 was a massive drive about 290 yards and a solid 5 iron to just left off the green ( save spot ) leaving me a 25 feet uphill left to right chip. chip was on line but 2 feet short off hole tap in bird.

Pretty solid playing the other holes was only missing 1 green and got it up and down. 

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Here's my set. Made a few changes the other day and still looking for a 3wood, just can't decide what to get.

Driver: Ping G15 10.5*
Hybrids: Nike machspeed SQ 21*, Ping G10 28*
Irons: Ping G5 6-PW,UW,SW
Taylormade TP lob wedge
Putter: Odyssey metal-X #1 with Winn medium grip
Ball: Nike PD soft, Srixon Q star
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played ping zing 2,s in early 90,s and loved them,hurt my back and stopped playing for about ten years,dumped all my clubs..huge mistake.......took it back up when i was feeling healthy again and bought some Adams a3 boxers.....hybrid mix...played with them for two years,not bad but missed my pings.

bought a set of ping i 3 over sized irons on e bay and this is my first year with them.regular flex

5 hybrid ping g5,steel shaft

6-pw Ping i3-steel shafts

Cleveland hi bore driver.9.5 graph

3 wood-ping g5-graph

5 wood- ping i3-graph

7wood-ping i3-graph

vokey 52

Cleavland 60 sw

cobra mallet putter- over sized grip

titleist dt solo ball


sun mountain 3x golf bag

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Set-up for 2013:


Bag: sunmountain.gif Three 5

Driver: titleist.gif 913D2 9.5 degrees Diamana Blue S+62 Stiff

3 Wood: callaway.gif X Hot Pro 15 degrees Project X Velocity 6.0

Hybrid: titleist.gif 910H 19 degrees Diamana Kai'Li 80

Irons: mizuno.gif MP-59s 4-PW TT DG S300

Wedges: vokey.gifSM4s 54.14, 60.07

Putter: odyssey.gif White Hot #1


Ball: titleist.gif ProV1

Grips: GP New Decade Multicompound  

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Callaway RAZR Fit 10.5 Driver
Callaway Fusion 3&5 woods
Callaway RAZR X Tour Irons
Taylormade wedges
Odyssey Center Shaft 2 ball putter
Srixon Balls
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Originally Posted by awmgolfer View Post

I am pretty much staying with what I had last year with a couple of tweaks. I am moving back to a 3 & 4 iron, just love using them and can hit them consistently. I also need to purchase the 3 wood and hybrid, the ones I had last year just didn't fit my game well and struggled with them a bit.

Driver: Ping G20
3 Wood: Maltby KE4
Hybrid: 17* Maltby KE4 Tour HDI
3-PW: Maltby Tricept F2
52*/56* - Ping Tour-S
I have an Open Professional 60* that I use on some courses and in those cases I take out the 3 iron. 

Putter - Ping Scottsdale Series
Why do you need a hybrid if you have an iron
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