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I was 28, handicap index was 7.1 at the time.  It was a better ball golf tournament that I was playing in with a friend.


The hole was 512 yards and I hit a drive onto the left side of the fairway just before the marsh/water hazard.  I had 215 to the middle of the green but the pin was at the front at about 180 yards.  I hit a hard 7 iron and landed the ball about 15 feet short of the pin on the green.  The putt was a right to lefter and I sank it.


Man was I excited!!


This was the golf course www.devilspulpit.com - It was Hole #13 on the Pulpit course.


I have 4 eagles in total and am 31 now.

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Finished 2nd year & still waiting ... had one reasonable chance this year on a short 465 yd par 5.   Good drive & real good 3 wood with lots of roll got me on the dance floor ... missed about a 9 ft putt.    I just don't have the length to get to the green in 2 on most par 5's...

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Circa 1989. Would have 39 years old, had about 16 HDCP back then. Playing a tight, 480-yard par 5 with a two-kink dogleg left.


It was summer and the ground was hard. so I hit a 3W draw which dropped about 210 yds. out and bounced up nicely into the dogleg. (A hot driver shot could run through the fairway and into the treeline). Played a 4W draw aimed at the right trap, and the ball came off really hot, hit on the front fringe and rolled up to just off the back edge of the green. I went with an 8i chip and run, dropped the ball about 20' from the flag and watched it roll smoothly downhill into the cup. No need to pull the flag, it nestled right into the cup. (I normally chipped with a 7i back then, but was worried about a downhill shot being too hot).


Clubs were my old MacGregor MT set, stiff shafts, including persimmon-headed woods.

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Your Handicap:  ~ 18 at the time
How many Yards? - 450 par 5 over water
Your age Age? ~ 50 at the time and really only been playing for a year.


March 21, 2010 at Far Corner Golf Course in MA. The date is written on the ball in my office.  It has been my only eagle.  Hit my drive to 180 out, which is a long drive for me.  I was going to lay up.  My buddy said, "You are not going to lay up!!!!", as only a friend since the 7th grade can say.  So fearing getting labeled a complete "wuss", I hit a 5-wood onto the green over a water hazard, which was a really good shot for my handicap at the time.


Had a 15 foot down hill putt with at least 3 feet of break.  I honestly was just trying to get it close as it is a steep green.  Went right in.


Came close on a few par 3s, but this was a good one.

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I really can't remember it, i've had a few. My most memorable, was a 5 wood from the fairway on this long par 4, that i made the 2nd shot on, that was cool. 

Though my favorite was on a golf trip, crushed driver, 8 iron to 10 feet, drained the putt. Actually seemed like i knew what i was doing :p 

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my next will be my first

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My first eagle was a hole-in-one on a 119 yard par 3 with a PW.


I have multiple eagles since, mostly on par 5's, but not a single one was a putt. One of them was a 163 yard 6-iron after two horrendous shots on a short par 5. My favorite was a 135 yard 8-iron in a tournament that had both net and gross skins. There were very few skins that day and I got two of them (net and gross) on that one shot, worth $400 each.

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a hole in one on a 280 meter par 4 with a 3 wood.


long after I played a short par 5 (460 meters with dog leg), played 2x3 irons, was on the fringe, putter from 15 meters straght not knowing the line, the ball went left, righ and back to the hole.


since I've never eagled and have very rarelly tried to get a par 5 in two. most are 500m and thats long (550 yards).

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I was playing a relatively tough course in 2011. Hit a good drive, had 210 left and hit a 5 iron that was a weak fade, and ended up short right, in the rough.


No biggie, chip and 1 or two putt. Read the break as best as I could and flopped my shot which trackedleft down and right into the hole :)


First and only eagle.


I have had an eagle putt from 3 feet, and ended up with par :)

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Pasatiempo in Santa Cruz, CA was the site of my lone eagle. Par 5 9th hole. Holed a wedge from about 110 yards. This was about 10 years ago.

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I don't even remember my first because it's been so long.  It's also been a realllly long time since my last one.  I can think of four total:


1.  Drove the green of a 320 yd dogleg left Par 4 with a wicked running hook, and sank the putt.  (#7 Madera Municipal - Madera, CA)


2.  Two perfect shots, a driver and a 3 wood to about 10 feet, and sank the putt on a 560 yd. par 5.  (#6 Fig Garden Golf Course - Fresno, CA)


3.  A hole in one with a PW from 145.  (#4 at Cottonwood Ivanhoe Course - El Cajon, CA)


And my favorite ...


4.  145 PW from the right rough to a green that was sloped left to right and my ball hit near the front and slowly worked its way back to the hole across the entire green, and we were able to watch it the entire time until it fell.  (#10 at Laguna Seca, Monterey, CA)  [Come to think of it, this one might have been the first, and it was in 1995 - myself and the other groomsmen the day before a friends wedding at the course]


Like I said, I don't remember the dates of any of those, but I think it's been close to ten years since the most recent. d1_bigcry.gif

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I was 13 and it was off the front tees. I hit a 480 yard par 5 in two shots and sunk my eagle putt from 60 ft.

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This year?  It was my first time out this year.  Last Sunday on par 5 - 18th hole.  Hit 3 wood and 8 iron to 5 ft. and drained a severe right to left breaker for an eagle.


First ever? It was during my 5th year of playing.  On a short par 4 (350 yds), hit a five wood and skulled a 9-iron, which bounced a few times and rolled into the cup.  Pure luck.


Since then I've had many more eagles.

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Originally Posted by inthehole View Post

Finished 2nd year & still waiting ... had one reasonable chance this year on a short 465 yd par 5.   Good drive & real good 3 wood with lots of roll got me on the dance floor ... missed about a 9 ft putt.    I just don't have the length to get to the green in 2 on most par 5's...


Was in tampa last week & missed a 177 yd hybrid hole out approach shot (from the rough) by 2 inches ... still waiting   :-(

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While i've never had a hole in one, i've a whole bunch of eagles.  I believe it's up to 16.  Could be off by one, in either direction, but pretty sure that's right.


Some of them were pitches onto a par 5, so only 30 to 60 yards out.  Still luck, though.


My first was on a par 5 at the course i played at in junior high and highschool.  I was 15.  I remember it was the last year i couldn't drive myself to the course.


The shortest par 5 was about 480 or so.  I hit a really good drive (maybe mid 240's).  Remember that i was playing in the early 70's at that point, so there were no metal drivers, balls didn't have the consistency or performance of today's ball, etc.  With modern equipment i might have been hitting 10 or 15 yards farther.  We'll never know.


I hit a 4 wood.  (For reasons i don't remember, i didn't have a 3 wood.  Driver, 4 wood and the irons.)  I hit the 4 wood really good and i'm not sure why, maybe i hit a hard spot or something, but the ball ran forever.  I probably hit the 4 wood within 15 yards of how far i hit the driver.  So, i was to the right of the green and just right of the trap.


I pitched it over the trap and i actually hit it too firmly.  But, it hit the stick DEAD CENTER and dropped into the hole.  If it misses the flagstick, it goes 15 feet past the cup.  But it didn't.


My best eagle though, was about 8 years ago.  Playing a 410 yard par 4 into a 20 mph wind.  Hit my drive as good as i can hit one, and when i was in my late 40's that probably meant mid-260's.  For sure no farther.  But, into that wind, it didn't even go 240.  So, i'm nearly 180 out, pin is back, and i'm still hitting at that wind.


So, i hit 5 wood, figuring it would lose another 25 or 30 yards, so it would go around 200 into that wind.  Didn't think i could get the hybrid 3 to the green, especially with the pin back.


I hit the dead straight but a little low.  But, i could tell it was going to roll up onto the green so i put the club back and got in the cart.  I drove up and the ball wasn't on the green.  Thought maybe it rolled all the way through the green.  I look behind the green in the rough back there, and nothing.  The guy i'm playing with (husband and wife in another cart) says, "What are you doing back there?"  I tell him, i'm looking for the ball.  He says "It went in the hole.  What do you think we were clapping for?"


So, i made an eagle from 180 out into a 20 mph wind.  Almost like a double eagle on a short par 5.  Best hole i ever played and i never saw the ball go in!

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I just read where Tiger only made 4 eagles in 2012.  That doesn't seem like a lot for him with his length.

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Sadly....I cannot remember my first eagle.  In spite of starting to play seriously in 1992 and recording a golf log of every round I have played since January 1993...............that's not good enough!!! 



I did keep track of birdies from the very beginning, but for some stupid reason.....I counted eagles as 2 birdies when I was a golf noob!!!!!  What the heck was I thinking?   If I made 1 eagle and 1 birdie on the day....I wrote down 3birdies in my log............(I didn't know any better)


Hehehe..............damn NOOB!

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Can even remember, they are that far and few...bummer!

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