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The first time I ever played golf at 48 years old. My son talked me into playing with him and I didn't have a clue what I was doing or what club to use or what direction most of my shots were going to go. I could hit the ball and I could hit the ball plenty far enough but that was about it. After all I had hit baseballs and softballs all my life and this ball wasn't even moving!!


The fourth hole was a 350 yard uphill par four. I popped up my tee shot with my driver and it only went about 125 yards. I hit a three wood for my second and I didn't even see the ball but my son said "I think that went in the hole". When we got up to the green I looked all around and didn't see it so I decided to look in the hole and sure enough there it was.


Funny thing was that I didn't even know enough to know it was an eagle (and really couldn't have cared less) until my son told me it was an eagle and that was a good thing. I figured playing golf that day was a one time thing and it never occurred to me that I would soon be addicted.

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It's interesting reading through this thread... One guy has all his eagles from putts, another has none of his from putts... One guy gets so many he can't even remember the details of the first one this year... Some people with only one or none have a much lower handicap than me, which shows there's a lot of luck involved in the ones I have.


- My first has an asterisk because it was a par 4 with a temporary green about 50 yards short of the real one. Drove it about 260 to pin high, 20 yards left. Chipped into the bucket-size hole they use on those temporaries.


- First real one was on a par 5 - decent drive, good hybrid to just short of the green, perfect chip-in. Hmm, but at only 428 yards from the whites, that kind of deserves an asterisk too, so...


- Next one was a par 4 with a temporary green again - good drive, holed out with a wedge. Maybe 310 yards total. The asterisks are piling up...


- Next one was a 280 par 4. Driver to pin high but pushed right. Holed out with a lob wedge from about 40 yards. (Only 280 yards you say? Asterisk.)


- Next one was a 467 yard par 5. Perfect drive, perfect hybrid to the green, made the putt. Mentally, the toughest uphill 3-footer I've ever had.  467 is still a short par 5, but I'll take it.


I've had other chances - have hit the green on long par 5s in two several times but missed the putt. Drove a par 4 once and had a tap in birdie after just missing a 40 footer. Lost a drive OB on a longish par 5 once and got down in 3 off the tee with my second ball for a sweet par - and on that same hole a couple weeks ago I had a very make-able 10-footer for eagle that slid by on the high side.


Anyway, to answer the other questions for the OP: My handicap was probably between ~24 for the first of those and ~15 for the most recent. Age was between 46 (I started golfing at 45) and 49 during that range.

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2 more this year for me!  (Both reaching short par 5's in two and making the putt)  I think I'm up to 6 now total, woohoo!

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Short par 4 at Legends Moorland Course here in MB. The hole is nicknamed Hells Half Acre. Hit driver to just short of the fringe. Bump and run PW that hit the flagstick and went straight in for a 2. It was during a couples tourney and I think my wife was more excited to see it go in than I was.
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I have only had one. Opening hole at my home course is a downhill par 5 that plays about 470 from the white tees. I hit a decent drive, and then hit a 3 wood or hyrid (can't remember) into a greenside bunker. Holed the sand shot. I was pretty fired up, but I was playing by myself so I had no witness.
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I'm 27 and have been playing for about 16 years or so. Growing up, I've hit shots from 200 yds out with a 5W on a par 5, that sat on the rim of the cup. I've hit the par 5 semi-island green in 2 with a driver and 3W that left me with a downhill 80 fter that didn't go. I've pitched in from over 100 yds out, but it was only birdie because of a crap tee shot. I've even drove a par 4 green and hung on the edge of an ace on a par 3 more than once. All never fell. But, I don't mind to keep on trying til I can't try no more...

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I've had a few eagle putts, but always inches off.


Not part of the club, yet.


One day...

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I was probably 9 or 10 years old... during a scramble tho, so it wasn't really a legit eagle, but it was a par 4, about 80 yards out I would say, hard to remember... but it was a slight, uphill shot, green sloped from back to front too... took out and hit a light 6 iron for a lower trajectory. It landed on the front of the green, bounced a couple times, rolled... kept rolling, breaking closer and closer to the hole and finally dropped!


Played the shot exactly how I wanted to! My family and I went crazy hahaha!

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I've had several looks but I'm still waiting for the magic...z7_no.gif

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First eagle of the year and the opening day of my track. 474 Par 5, 191 yard approach shot to 6 inches. Made the putt. My first putting eagle ever!

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Originally Posted by Valleygolfer View Post

First eagle of the year and the opening day of my track. 474 Par 5, 191 yard approach shot to 6 inches. Made the putt. My first putting eagle ever!


Nice shot! 

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My eagle was from 100 yards out on a short par 4 hole, about a year after I started playing golf..  It was a shot over a little stream with

bunkers on the left and a pond on the right


The ball rolled around 30 yards.  None of us saw it after it rolled around 10 yards after it hit the ground.  When we got to the green, we

couldn't find my ball until someone looked in the cup and found a ball. 


They couldn't believe that it was mine, so the guy who found it made me identify it before he showed it to me.  We had a good laugh.

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Originally Posted by CanuckAaron View Post

     My first eagle was when I was 12 on a local par 3 course that is about 5600 yards. I was playing with my mom and the hole was 165 yard par 3 and it was  right into the sun. I hit one of the purest 5 irons of my life with a little draw. I looked around the green for a good 6-7 mins but then decided to finally look in the hole and it was there. I still have the ball, Top Flite Tour Plus 90. I was probably around a 15 handicap at the time.

5600 is really long for a par 3 course- is that a typo or was it more of an executive course with some par 4s and par 5s as well?



Pretty sure my first eagle ever came at my home course in Los Angeles as a teenager, but I don't remember the details.


I remember more about what was likely my first tournament eagle at age 16 or 17-


Los Verdes

#11, ~300 yard downhill par 4 

I drove the green and rolled in a long putt.

My official handicap was likely around 6

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It was on a Par 5 I hit driver then hit 3 wood to 25 feet of pin - right to left breaker on putt - hoping to just get close I put a good stroke on the putt - it was like slow motion the ball took the break and tracked toward the hole and just disappeared in the cup! That was 25 years ago and its still clear as day to me!
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My first eagle came with a classic Caddyshack Bishop moment in 2005. I was trying to squeeze in a few holes before a big storm and started hot with a par, birdie (great for my 25+ handicap). On the 3rd hole a 480 yard par 5 I hit my drive about 280 yds to the top of the hill. For my second shot I hit a fairway wood the remaining 200 yds that rolled pin high to the left of the hole and just off the green about 8 ft from the cup. It was a straight putt and I nailed it after a good five minutes of trying to get my focus. Of course the horns sounded before I could get my next tee shot off and then the skys opened up. Those few holes keep me playing golf even when I am struggling . . .

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Had my first of the season a couple of weeks ago on a short Par 4 310 yards. Hit a solid hybrid off the tee and left myself around 105 in. Hole location was back right of the green. I hit a partial PW that started on a great line and landed just short of the hole. Ball took one hop and rolled in the cup. Also the first time I've ever jarred an approach shot from the fairway.

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Have had several but first was back in 1988. I was 28 and a 7 handicap. 11th hole was a "double dog-leg" par 5 and being young, strong and limber I could cut the first corner on the drive with a 5 wood. The second shot was an easy 9 iron over the next corner to the green. Actually was on in 2 several times but only made the putt two times for my eagle.
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