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SKLZ Training Glove?

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Has anyone else ever used this torturous device?


My instructor got upset with me today because for the last 4 months, he's been trying to get me to weaken my grip and keeping a flat left wrist through impact and I always revert back to a super strong grip and letting my left wrist break down through impact.  For some reason, I just cannot keep these changes in my setup.  I tend to hit the ball very low and take super deep divots, even to the point of it being painful from hitting into the ground.


So today he shows up with this glove and makes me wear it.  It has a black area where you're supposed to grip the club, and I wasn't gripping the club correctly to begin with.  (something he has told me numerous times)  Then the stiff plastic on the back of my wrist forced me to make a couple changes in my grip at setup just to address the ball squarely.  Then I took my first swing........


OUCH!!!!!!!!!  This thing induced a nice pinch and a little pain on the back of my hand.  I just looked at him and pulled the glove off, but he talked me into putting it back on after a few minutes.  After I was aware that if I let my wrist break down there would be a little pain involved, my swing instantly changed.  I started hitting the ball quite a bit higher after that, and noticed that my finish position changed because of it to a much more comfortable finish and I wasn't swinging as hard at the ball, which shallowed out my divots nicely.


I guess I needed a little pain to actually make changes in my swing, which has been a disaster this year. 


Whatever works, I guess.

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no, but ive seen it.  ive actually thought about duct-taping a ruler to the back of my left wrist in an effort to keep the thing flat thru impact...

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I have seen people say they take a cheap black comb and stick it in the back of their glove to help the problem as well.  

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