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Enlow grips - new info?

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I ran into Brad Enlow at the St. Louis Golf Expo.  For several years he has been selling a heavy, reverse-taper grip for golf clubs. Brad operates out of Manhattan, Kansas, home of the Wildcats.


ST had a thread on this 2010, but only had a few responses (last one in 2012).


Anyway, I bought one grip to put on a demo 6 iron which matches my iron set. If anyone is currently using Enlow grips, how do you like them?


The Enlow web site in under overhaul right now: http://www.enlowgrips.com/store/

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I installed an Enlow grip on my Ping G10 driver. I'm not very good , but I have dropped 10 strokes since installing the grip. My slice has disappeared, and I'm hitting fairways for a change. I would recommend anyone with an open mind should try it. Best money I've spent in golf since I started. A couple of the guys I play with said that I'm crazy and that it would promote a slice, I think they have had a change of opinion after seeing the results. Just wonder how long it will take before they decide to jump on the band wagon

and start hitting more fairways with me.a1_smile.gif

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Huh!  I've never heard of that grip.  What is it about the grip that eliminates your slice?

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I wish I could tell you. Everyone said that it would make it worse, but I not only eliminated the slice, I gained distance. Maybe someone on here can explain my results.
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I have one of his grips, just haven't put it on a club yet.  I finally fixed my swing flaw(s) that were contributing to my slice and have pretty much all but cured it, i can call it a baby fade for now.  Wish I could give a better review of it, just haven't seen a reason to try it yet.  

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I prefer reverse taper grips but the Enolw grips are huge in my opinion.  I mean even bigger than a jumbo grip with 5 or 6 wraps flipped upside down.  They really threw off the swingweight of the club also because they have to weight at least 90 grams.  I prefer the feel pro release grips because they are about the size of a midsize grip flipped upside down and they are just the perfect fit for my grip.

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