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Ping G20 driver shaft types

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I use a Ping G20 10.5 reg flex and get a high ball flight, carry it around 230-240, just wondering if anyone knows would a different shaft be better!


thanks for you help!!

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I too have a Ping G20 10.5 degree driver. I bought it with the Standard "Regular" shaft. A lot of balls went too high for my taste. Too much back spin.


I just changed the shaft to the "Tour Regular" as adviced by the Ping factory and I couldn't be happier. Ball flight is still a bit high, but not as high as before, and much more distance than before. Never hit a driver so well in my life.


Factory said Tour Regular would be much better for me than Standard Stiff.

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How much extra distance would you say you are getting? sounds like a great move, i think il have a look for that shaft tomorrow

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I'm getting at least 20 more yards and more accuracy.

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That sounds great, iv ordered the shaft for the 3 wood, cant find it for the driver yet! Any help to find it for the driver would be grately appreciated... cant wait to get it

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I just got the g20 with the tfc 169 10.5 and hopefully it isn't to high the track man showed a. 15.2 degree launch angle but thinking maybe I should put some time into checking out a stiff flex but being I live in mn you can't really play any real golf so I don't know it is to high of a launch Or not any thoughts?
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iv the same, been told that the "tour" regular flex is better for a lower ball flight! its stiffer than the normal regular flex!

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I know there are MANY brands, models and options available in terms of shafts for a G20 driver.


In my case, I have a PING distributor near my home so it was easy for me to just take the driver and ask them to change the shaft to a Tour Regular, which a PING rep had recommended.

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id rather go for a shaft that i no will work, i really dont know enough about shafts to choose a different one, any help on choosing a different type of shaft that will do the same job would be great!

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 i couldnt find a tour regular flex for the driver so went for the ping i20 tfc707 regular flex shaft, its stiffer and slightly heavier than the 169 and its ment to keep the flight down slightly more!! Il have it on in a week and get out for a round or two and post back to let you know what its like...

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Okay thanks yeah I might look into a something a little more spendy but if it works then who cares anyone know what a 15 degree launch really looks like in person its winter in mnn can't hit outside but maybe I'll just wait till I go to Washington in march
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