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MacGregor Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear clubs - 1, 3 woods (laminated maple), 3, 5, 7, 9 iron and a putter, plus bag. Bought in 1971 or 1972.


I actually first played a similarly configured set of MacGregor Mike Souchak clubs - the irons were nice enough blades and the woods were persimmon (with a beautiful red finish), but they were my dad's (even though he didn't play much).


My uncle had a set of Titleist AC-108's when they first came out (drool worthy, at least for me, at the time). I really wanted a set but couldn't swing the money. I bought a set in great shape off of Ebay a couple months ago for about $60. Another dream fulfilled . . .

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The old standby- a set of Northwestern "Chi Chi Rodriguez" clubs, circa 1974 or so; 1,3,5 woods. 3,5,7,9,SW and a blade putter. Played them for over ten years while I worked on my game. Made me learn how to work various type shots for the different yardages. FINALLY shot par at my local with them and decided that it was time for a 'real' set.... in 1986.
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JC Higgins, hand me downs from my dad, they were sold by Sear, Roebuck & Company and probably made in the early 60's.  They had real leather grips and were impossible to hit. 

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Wilson Tom Kites. Shot the best round of my life with them, and have been forever chasing that number since.

I still have that set. Irons are sweet! Blades with a bit of bounce. Laminated woods are demanding, but when I find the sweetspot nearly as good as modern metals.

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My were also a cheap set of Dunlop from Meijer.  I bought them just to see if I would like golf, a year later I ended up getting Titleist DCI OS irons and a Callaway Steelhead III.  Now I have Mizuno mx-200 and about 5 different drivers I play with depending on what I'm in the mood to swing at the time.

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When I started the game 6 years ago an old pro teacher gave me a set of very used wilson staff FG 49. Not the best gear for a beginner. I quickly switched to an inesis game improvement set.

it last me 3 years and lead me to a 12.5 hdc. Inesis is a very well known brand... in France. Now playing Ping 's S56 I sometimes give a go to my former little old pure blades, just for the fun of it!

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My first set was a used partial set of H&B irons from my grandfather.  I also had a wooden shafted Driver and a wooden shafted putter.  My canvass bag had a mailing label on it, as my Grandfather spent 2 years in Africa building & harvesting Mahogany wood for office furniture.  The tag on the golf bag had his address for the Gold Coast, now Ghana.


I was 9 years old.....that was 53 years ago and there isn't a day of my life that I don't think of him and the wonderful things he taught me.

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Had a couple set of junior clubs - D,3W,3,5,7,9i,P. Like hitting a ball with a brick tied to the end of a broomstick.  Then proceeded through a series of hand me downs from my father.  First was a set of McGregor DX.  Not too easy to hit but looked good.  Several years ago I had them reshafted and rechromed for my dad.  He enjoys looking at them from time to time. 

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Mine were Shakespeare Gary Player signature clubs.  They were very unusual in that they had fiberglass shafts.  The shafts were black and always drew comments from fellow players.  Player used them for a season or two.  He must have gotten paid a LOT of money, since they were so unconventional.


They were hand me downs from an uncle of mine - the one who got me into golf.  I wish I still had them.



Really wanted those Gary Player Black Knight fiberglass shafted clubs from Shakespeare! Couldn't afford them, so I went with a Dunlop Bruce Crampton set that was made in Scotland. I still have my original Mike Souchak Blue Devil putter by MacGregor. Cost about $12 which I thought was a fortune to pay for a club back then. By the way, Gary Player absolutely hated the black fiberglas shafts, and had them replaced with steel shafts painted black. Pretty sneaky, but he needed to do that to keep the endorsement.

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First set I ever had was some old Wilson's I bought off a neighbor for $25 and played two rounds with back in 1997.  The woods were actually wooden, and my young nephew got inspired by watching Tiger play so he played around with them in the back yard around winter time and being a little kid he would drop something when he's bored with it.  I found the woods a few months later when it was time to mow, but at least the irons still worked!

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My dad bought me a junior set of Rams in the 70s. 1w, 3w, 3,5,7,9. In high school I got his Hogans. Wish I still had those.
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Set of old McGregor VIP blades.  Passed down from my dad in the late '60's when he got a new set, so they were probably circa 1955 or so.  Persimmon 2 wood and 3 wood, and of course a bullseye putter.


Played those suckers until the early 80's when I bought a set of Hogan Radial irons and Titleist Persimmon woods. 

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My first set was the Tommy Armour 845's. I remember getting a Taylor Made driver that had a Titanium shaft. It was like swinging a telephone pole. One year for Christmas my mom bought me a Wilson Killer Whale. I remember showing it to my buddies and them laughing their asses off. A year later they were all hitting a whale or a new big bertha. I still use my old Bullseye putter sometimes. 

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When I first started playing I used a set of Dunlop's that were my dad's; they were a starter set and only had the odd numbered irons. The first set that I considered to be mine were from the high school andd they were the Cleveland VAS+... I used those my junior and senior years while I was on the golf team but I had to give them back to the school when I graduated. The first set that I bought myself were the Titleist DCI 990s.

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My first real adult clubs were a set of Orlimar Tri-Metal irons. Most of my woods and wedges were Orlimar as well.

I replaced the irons eventually with Mizino MP 57s.
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My first set was a Dunlop set I got at Sports Authority. Came with everything but the putter including a 3 and 4 hybrid. I didn't like the hybrids and substituted it for Cleveland TA3s 3 and 4 irons. The putter I got was an Odyssey DFX 1100.


After hitting that for about 3 years, I got new Titleist first gen AP2s. 

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Considering I started playing last year, My first set was and still my current set, Ping I-10 irons, G-10 hybrid and 3-wood (draw), G-15 driver (draw), Cleveland cg-12 56* wedge and Odessey white hot #1 putter.  Got the whole set off of craiglist in almost brand new condition for 475$.

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Mine were Mizuno Mx20s. I still have them as my spare set of clubs and use them now and then.

They are great clubs. Shame Mizuno don't do the JPX 825 pros left handed which would be the modern day equivalent. I went to Callaway XFs now instead.
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