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My first set was my uncle's old Wilson Staff Gooseneck irons. The first set of my own was A set of Tommy Armour 845's.
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John Daly Hippos complete set Driver thru Putter.
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My first set of clubs were from Wal-mart. My first set that I actually dropped some coin on were Kent irons, a Tour Edge driver @ 9.5 °, anf Tour Edge fwy woods 3&5. I spent about $780 on all with a cart bag. They were supposedly fitted to me since I'm 6'2" tall, but learned that lengthening the shafts was not a proper fitting.
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My first set was a hand me down from my dad. My set up was as follows:

Driver: Burner bubble

1-P: Tommy Armour

Putter: Stolen from a putt putt course :)

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Early 70's Gene Sarazens by Wilson--great clubs. Still have and use the 2 iron.
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First set of irons were Knights from Sports Authority 3-PW and golf bag - $100

First driver was a Dunlop - $29,

First putter was a Wilson milled - $15

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Ben hogan apex plus irons, big Bertha 10.5 driver, no other woods, and an old hand me down putter with no logo. Maybe a putt putt putter lol 

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Rusty old Spalding Blades and some Persimmon woods 1 and a 4 IIRC that were starting to crack from sitting in a damp garage for about century before I got them! Bag had a hole in it that I kept repairing with Duct tape so every now and then random irons would just slide out the bottom and tangle in my legs as I walked down the fairway LOL, good times!

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Started playing around 1993, bought a set of Dyna Tour clubs, Driver, 3W, 5W, 3/5/7/9 irons and generic putter.  I still use this set when I travel back to RI to visit my brother, he keeps them in his garage for me so I don't have to lug them on the airplane a couple times a year.  I also have a couple of other misc. brands in that bag as well, Dunlop sand wedge and some other off brand pitching wedge.

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My very first rounds were played with a set of very old clubs with leather grips, steel shafts and artificial hickory veneer, 5i, 9i, Putter marked P and the same construction as the other clubs but with straight face. The woods are marked "B" and "S", my grandad told me they meant Brassy and Spoon. I played balata balls for the longest time also. All in a 100% leather bag, sunday bag sized, no shoulder strap. My family still has them, and I will pass them down also.


Given that I'm only early 30's, lets just say I played what I had!


My actual own first set are John Letters Fred Daly pro model for $200 second hand BITD. If you google Fred Daly, you'll get an idea how old they are. They came in a Slazenger tour bag that was too big to carry, so I'd never carried 18h until a month ago, always pull cart. I still have them, and after 20 years have finally just had the lie bent correctly, and biffed the bag for a carry bag. The toe dragged on all clubs, and probably helped form the slicer I am today, ha. I still have them as my holiday clubs, and probably won't get rid of them either. I'm not scared of hitting blades down to 2i, I'd rather lose balls and become a better player, but if I still stink when I'm a bit older or start competing, I guess cavity backs are in my future.

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My first golf club was a Matt Andrews 7 iron that I bought for $7.00 at Zayer's with my Christmas money in 1958. After getting several more Matt Andrews clubs, I got a set of "Universal" golf clubs from a discount catalog. Finally when I was 25 years old in 1975, I got my first official set of golf clubs:  Hogan Apex woods and irons.  I used them until 1990 when I bought my first set of perimeter weighted clubs, Hogan Edge irons.

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