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Getting fitted for a driver

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Is there much benefit to be gained from paying for a fitting session and then going off any buying a second hand club off ebay that suits the reccomendations the fitter gives me or does it have to be the latest and greatest driver I get to gain the most benefit?  $$$ is the problem and I don't have the cash to justify spending it on a brand new driver if I can gain almost as much from buying the correct driver but a used one instead.  My Pro tells me that my swing speed of 102 and distance of 220 - 230  simply does not add up and that the problem he thinks is the shaft.  I'm currently playing with King Cobra F speed Head and a Prolaunch Red stiff shaft.

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Could be, the best thing to do is go get fitted, you don't have to buy the driver there when you get fitted, though a lot of places will not charge you for the fitting if you buy the driver. 


If your fitted for a golf shaft that is not fitted, you can seriously loose distance, basically that golf shaft will stay loaded to long, or unload to early, basicallly causing what would be an early release of the clubhead. So, finding a shaft that matches the swing is really important. You can nit pick over numbers all day, at some point you will find a golf shaft that will fit you pretty well. 

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I'd think the shaft does 2 possible things. It might fine tune loft, and it might affect your feel for the clubhead.


220yards is a poor return on a legit 102mph. I think if you find a range where you can trial 2nd hand clubs, you should be able to find a club that feels OK and with a loft that better fits your swing and speed - but I'd think the real benefit will be in finding the right combination of loft and angle of attack for your swingspeed. A downward angle of attack won't do your distance any favours.


Wishon calculates that the optimal loft for a level AoA at 100mph is 11*. For every 2* your AoA varies from level, loft should adjust by 1*. E.g., if you can hit up on the ball 2*, reduce loft by 1* etc.


An adjustable driver with decent range of adjustment might be good for you if you're happy with the feel of the shaft.

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