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Yes please let me know and compare thanks for the post

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Shoot thats the price of older model vokeys. I think straight through scratch is the way to go. Plus feeling like a pro walking up to a chip or approach is half the battle, its like football if you inteminate the other team before the game begins you pretty much won already. Tomarrow i will have more i sent paul all my specs, likes and dislikes even pictures of my old wedges i like they really have it down. OH  what lie are your Mizuno irons always intreseted in how much different there like is on there irons and wedges?

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My irons are 2* upright as well.

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I go 3 upright on my irons if my wedges where three I would smoke duck hooks. Very high one into the woods.
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I was giving this some thought again, is it you don't like to weight of the club your is it the just it feels very head heavy. I am just asking because if you like those Cleveland wedges you could always backweight the club to lower the swingweight. It would be a more economical route. It may help it may not but I just wanted to throw that out there.

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you know i dont know what it is it might be weigtht or just a heavy head man its really tuff but something isnt right, Ill be homest im placing a order with scratch later today i think i will give my clevelands to a buddy who is trying to come into the game. I feel a heavier wedge would help a new golfer but hey i might be wrong and trying to peddle one of these clubs off on you guys. From my experiance with scratch golf over the last few days, i highly highly highly reccomment them. It seems like every big company you call there is a un knoledgable customer service rep on the other line who just sells the same to the masses. The vice president of scratch golf called me and had me send pictures of my favorite lob wedge and sand wedge hes going to make it perfect for me that right there is confidence building before i even get them. So all you guys who are thinking of scratch from my standpoint thats the way to go. oh and all of this is at no upcharge they will grind the club how ever you want, paint fill it a cool color. All I paid extra for was some crosslines on them.

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Thanks for the post jspangler Keep speading the word it seems you have your head on straight when it comes to quality products. Especially smaller american made companies.

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Does Anyone carry A 56* with a 58* instead of the normal 56* with a 60*. I want to go with the 56 and 58 but am not sure that might be taboo!

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Originally Posted by Pblock45 View Post

Does Anyone carry A 56* with a 58* instead of the normal 56* with a 60*. I want to go with the 56 and 58 but am not sure that might be taboo!

nothing is taboo if it works for you and your game. i carry a 44* pw and a 46* gw and people question it, but when they see me play with them they see why.
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Your are very right. I think i will go with the 56 58 i just love the 58 out of bunkers it is effortless for me and it doesnt just plop out and land on the lip of the bunker i can get the ball alot closer to the hole with the 58 or hit a better flop shot. A little reasurance when your bouncing between clubs is always nice when you can decide.

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My problem was pw goes 125 and 50* goes 90, but it seemed like i always had a lot of shots around 105-110 out. so i used to try and take a little off the pw or mash the 50*. neither was working so i bought the 46*. last friday on the three of the first 4 holes i was between 100-110 on all 3 approach shots. i hit 46* and made gir on all 3. in the past i might have hit 1 of those using the other 2 clubs. thats what i love about golf. everyone is different.
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yea for sure im a decent golfer i hit my 46 125 and my 50 105 but i bomb them so high i like hitting big high shots and leaving craters in greens. ( I do repair the craters very well before i joinged the military i worked for a greens keeper. wanted to throw that in before somone freaked out.) from 100 in i start messing with half shots things like that i dont usually hit any full clubs after 100. I wish i could say i played last friday but sadly when its 0 degrees they dont like to let people play golf lol

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Ordered some custom grind 8620 in a 56 abd 58 degrees all came out to 212.30 with some upgraded crosslines. They will do any grind and a number of options at no cost to you. Top of the line company ill update everyone.

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Congrats, that's a great price less then what I'm going to spend on some mizunos. Now you should have them make you a 100% custom putter with gold inlay with all that money you saved, it will only set you back like $1000 lol.
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Right i saw those its like haveing a smith and wesson as your putter. I got to say those putters are sharp but i would be way to scared to use it great man cave peice if you got the moola.

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I agree they are sharp, but like you said those are a lot of money, but a Byron Morgan might be in my near future and those aren't a bargain either lol
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Nice hey if you hungry you gotta eat lol I will go to somewhere and fall in love with a driver and gotta have it but im trying to stop that you cant get better if your always changing it up. Thank god i dont live in orlando anymore i would have been broke after the pga show.

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Im the same way, I tell myself my bag is set for the year. I might reshaft my hybrid, and I kinda want wedges that don't launch moonballs but I might just throw some spinner shafts in and see if it helps.
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