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Originally Posted by HighlandLaird View Post

Yes, unfortunately, I had three separate operations for herniated lumbar discs in 1992, 1994 and 1995, then had a cartilage removed from right knee in 2010.  Just an old wreck, I suppose.  I'll certainly try your suggestions.

Sorry about the operations -


If you can afford it, get the massages every 2 weeks. I found a guy who did therapy sessions with the Dallas Stars. He beats the crap out of me. Golf, as you know, will do strange things to the lower back and other parts of the body.


And I'm serious about everything, but especially the heart monitor. I did not believe what a kettlebell workout or lifting weights did to raise the heart rate substantially until I saw it. Went far beyond 100% and I throttled back on the workout until my body adjusted.

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Hormone replacement. Therpy works
Just ask lance. Check with you r docu
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Thank you all for your contributions!!  You really are very kind to try to help, and I must say, I have been trying everything you have said, and my distance is creeping up.   Many thanks.

The only suggestion that was disruptive was to take viagra------it's keeping me away from the course..............

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Just a final word----I've tried most of the suggestions (not Viagra, as that would keep me away from the course, completely) and my distance is definitely improving.  Perhaps the most useful thing is having massages, and stretching exercises.  I'm also trying to hit the ball much harder----I think I've been tending to "pat" the ball instead of hitting it hard.

Many thanks to all you gentlemen---you've been a great help.

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I felt as you do at age 57.  I've had my testosterone checked and found that it is below normal as can happen with age.  I start treatments next week, and I expect a return of energy, strength, and improved attitude.  

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Well if one will accept that Gary Player who for his career has been very conscientious about his fitness/golf fitness, then losing distance as we grow older is enviable. 


Granted we can actively slow the process down with exercise and taking care of our bodies, but in reality our DNA is going to define how long, how good, how much we can perform at a certain level.


For those who have incurred health issues as they aged, certainly focusing on regaining what once used to be has possibilities, but in the long run we will be a bit less than what we were (this assumes you were all you could be at first).


There is a reason they have the Senior Tees.  There is a reason that to challenge par at some point in time the Handicap will be the best hope.

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