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Taylormade ATV wedge issues....

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I have a few different Taylormade ATV wedges (52 & 60 degree models).  They feel great, look appealing, and are highly recommended.  I have lots of wedges including wedges (PW and AW) that are from my iron set and also have a 52 & 58 wedges that are the old TM wedges, I think they are called the XFT? 


Since I'm relatively new to the game I am not that particular about the amount of bounce in a wedge and things like that.  The ATV wedges do not have bounce adjustments, you buy them as is.  The problem that I have with the ATV wedges is that sometime they "scalp" the ground where as the XFT wedges have a nicer bounce to them that I can feel when hitting shots around the green.  They never seem to scalp the ground at all. 


The first thing I thought is that it's a ball first contact issue but I know now that this is not the problem because even when I hit the ball first with the ATV wedge after the the club first makes contact with the turf it acts almost as a knife. 


Has anyone else had this issue with the ATV wedges?  I guess for now I will play the used XFT wedges that I obtained but I'm not sure what to do in the future.....is this a bounce issue?  If so then how do I get around this considering that TM does not allow you to purchase different lofts in their current wedges? 

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The ATV series are designed to have a dynamic bounce that basically changes depended on how you manipulate the face(open/closed etc). Personally I own a 60* and it took a while to adjust, but I do enjoy the versatility it gives me. If you are "scalping" the ground, I assume you mean you are taking a large divot? I would say open the face up a touch to offer yourself a bit more bounce that should help the club from digging into the ground. Also, you said you are fairly new to the game....maybe take a few lessons and work on flattening your swing plane? Generally if you are digging with your wedges it is due to too steep of a swing plane on the down swing.


Hope this helps.




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Thanks for the feedback.  I do like the 60 degree wedge ATV.  Yes by "scalping" I mean taking a huge divot.  This usually happens when the ground is really soft and it's a tight lie.  It does not happen as much with the 60 degree ATV wedge as it does with the 52 degree ATV wedge but it still happens sometimes. 


It's just odd because in using the ZFT 52 degree wedge it never happens like it does with the ATV 52 degree.  The bounce from the ZFT wedges are so much different than the ATV.  My first shot with the ZFT wedges happened on the first hole last Saturday.  I was playing my fourth shot from just behind the green in the rough on a par 4.  The lie was not that good in bad rough and it was 32 degrees out.  I used the 58 degree ZFT wedge and hit a perfect chip/pitch that was only about 20 feet from the pin as there was not a lot of green to work with and the green was sloping away from me.  Amazingly I chipped it in and saved my par.  If I had used the 60 degree ATV in that situation, I am sure that I would have caught the ball thin because to me the bounce is not the same versus a 58 degree ZFT.  Even opening the face of the ATV just does not seem to allow me to get under the ball in that situation. 

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It's clear your not confident with this club, thats all there is to it. Go to the chipping area and pitch a bucket off balls to the practice green, with different shots so open the face slightly, and more. than you feel what atv does and can do. You will start to like and feel good about this club. but it needs some practice to get to know it

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