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Wrong.  Look at the sticker on the shaft.  It says, "clubhead made in Japan".  Last summer I had a VR Pro wedge in the bag.  No argument about the quality though.  On a side note, yesterday I was at Golfsmith looking at putters and gave a Drone a few rolls.  It looks weird but it works and Im seriously considering trading my Never Compromise in on it!

I stand at least partially corrected, from Nike Golf:


"Different elements of each club come from different parts of the world. The heads are forged in Thailand, China and Japan. The shafts are made in the United States, Japan and China. The grips are made in the U.S., China, and Taiwan. Everything is assembled in plants in the U.S., Japan, and China."


Regardless of it's country of origin, it will be built to proper spec and subject to Nike QC.  Nike clubs always seemed high quality in fit/finish but overpriced to me, and I never saw them marked down very much.  However about the time of Tiger's misadventures I started to see better deals on them.  At the first of the year I picked up a VR-S 4 wood new for $50.  Alas, Nebraska winters can be frustrating for golfers.  I've only had it out for 2 rounds and was dressed heavily, so far it feels like a good fit.

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My first Nike club was a procombo 20* hybrid iron. It was nice. Had a forged responsive to the face with a Adams pro hybrid look. A little too much club for me. Definitely would benefit a better player who dont have issues getting the ball up. (dg s300 tends to launch darts which isnt ideal in a hybrid) My current putter is a nike unitized retro. The laser welded hosel is supposed to enhance feel. Im not sure if it works but I think with even a standard hosel this putter will feel good. Its buttery soft 303 stainless. Its a bit on the heavy side and im debating on regripping with an extension. An entire round at 33" when your 6'4" is rough on the back. But considering I got it for 70 bucks its worth 3x more than that. Im surprised it didnt catch on sooner. Im really interested in the new covert tour driver as well as some vr wedges. I like the shape. I was highly interested in the method 001 putters but its a bit too firm for me. No doubt if I liked the feel it would sink putts like crazy. Tiger must relate the feel to his old anser putter.
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I play nike clubs as well. I am looking to upgrade my driver to the the covert as well. I have the square driver and I have never enjoyed it.
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Yeah those box on a stick drivers look horrible don't they?
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It's not the looks that bother me it is the sound. But yeah I'll be ordering the covert pretty soon.
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My iron set is the Nike Machspeed SQ's and I love them.. I did a lot of simulator time with 4 different sets of irons... the only other set I hit consistently and long where the RBZ's RocketBallz but that set was $600 more then the SQ's that were on sale at the time. 


The only thing I hate about the Machspeed's where the grips... They were terrible! Thankfully grips are easy to change! 

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