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WUTIGER thank you for taking the time to respond. I just got back from Golfsmith and brought my 7 iron with me. I tried for whatever reason to match it to the Jpx 800 pro 6 iron (not sure why I didn't bring my 6 iron). I never used the Mizuno shaft optimizer before, will have to check that out. I did have a shaft with a 1/2 longer on the jpx pro's with no lie angle change and reg dg300. The #'s that I was looking at on the monitor that I could easily identify were the distance with roll out.


My 7 iron was averaging 154 yds with the occasional pured shot that flew 168-172 a few times. The Jpx pros 6 iron with the reg dg shaft went and avg of 164. Club head speed was between 73-81 mph if this in fact the right readings I saw. Most likely is since I don't have a fast swing.


Bottom line I think I will take your advice and get a proper fitting at golfsmith and ask about suggestions for shaft options or new irons. I do not like the new line of Mizunos so maybe by trading in my clubs and looking at some other options might be in store. I think $120 is about the going value for them, plus I have a mint YES! putter, a Callway X 7 wood mint, and above avergage TM burner 3 hybrid I could possible get around $200 in total for all.


I am not a real big fan of all the new shafts out in the 95 lbs range it seems it is geared for swing speed boosts and not necesarily better iron play, just my 2 cents.  Interested in seeing the New Cobra Amp line and the new offerings from Callaway. hopefully they will come in to local GS with some fitting options. Thanks again.

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Initially it looks like you're getting similar distance performance from the PX 5.5 and the DG R300. Note the JPX Pro head would have less offset than your X22 irons.


The PX 5.5 is a stiffer shaft, but you seem to get good distance from it. Any chance you could just keep the X22 with PX 5.5 as is?


If you're planning to play more, and get some lessons, you might hang onto the X22s and then re-fit next year for the "new and improved" swing. Just a thought. None of the new iron models seem to make you say WOW!

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WUTIGER you could see the similarities between the 2 shafts based off what I wrote even though I was hitting 6i vs 7i? I was concerned with the trajectory of my px flighted as well as how I performed with them. The boring flight of the dg300r was nice but not sure it is enough to warrant a change. This really all comes from not getting fitted for a driver properly. I just assumed I was a stiff flex. But realized I am not. Thanks.
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Try looking at  golfclubshaftreview.com  you'll find a lot of good info on here. good luck

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