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Must have gadgets/accessories

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What are some must have golf gadgets/accessories?

Things I already have....
-Nike pitch mark tool with ball marker
-alignment sticks
-trying to find a good golf trunk organizer
-ball retriever

Anything else?
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My clicgear 3.0 I went away from walking because of a bad back and carrying was getting to hard. This has made it so I can walk again without my back getting to bad
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range finder, never play a round without mine. speeds up rounds on the course and makes yardage easy on courses you haven't played before

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Ah i want Clic gear real bad i have a crappy bag carrier that you have to tip on two wheels to move it. I cant Play withough golf balls, golf clubs, bag, tees. ha only kidding.  I have to have that little crappy carrier because i also have a bad back even in my  mid 20s (military does that ) I like a nice cigar also and sew me i do enjoy a beer while playing. Must have is a gps i have golf logix right now but i really want a bushnell.

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Do not buy the Golfsmith groove restoration tool. I purchased one, used it on my old Ping Eye 2 wedge and the tool cutting blades (six of them) went flat before even making a dent in the grooves. Maybe it took the dirt out of the grooves but a screw driver worked better; $20 down the drain.

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I really like the Orange Whip.   It's great for limbering up before playing and helps with rhythm.


I have the Medicus 5 iron but I can still swing outside to in after using it.  I can swing it without the hinges breaking down but still slice the ball.  I'm not sure I'm getting my $$ out of it.


I have a three wheel golf cart that works well.

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Laser Range Finder - whenever I'm in between yardage markers and/or at an angle near or into the rough, I don't EVER have to guess my distance to ANYTHING.  FWIW, I use a Bushnell Medalist.  It's not difficult to use - meaning you don't have to have the steadiest of hands - due to it's pin-seeker technology that recognizes smaller objects that are vastly closer that other objects in the range of view, like the trees 50 yards behind it.  If your pins have reflectors, it doesn't even matter, it's ALWAYS dialed in.  It does help - sometimes when I  will play at a course that doesn't have them, I will have to be a little more steady and it will take a second before the pin-seeker indicator in the viewfinder confirms that I'm indeed on the pin.  At my home course there are reflectors, and it's a simple as point and shoot and it's dialed in as long as I'm not trying to do it while I'm walking, bobbing all over the place.

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Alignment sticks, can't practice without them. 

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