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Looking for new irons, help/advice needed

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Hello all,

First-time poster here. I have been looking to upgrade my irons for some time now. I am 24 years old and around a 10-12 handicap (depending on the putter and the course) and currently hit Tommy Armour 855 Black Dot Silver Scots. Have never had a problem with them, they feel great, etc. But, they are old and worn and I just want a general upgrade.

What I've narrowed my choices down to are the Mizuno MX-23s or the MX-200s. I can get a nice, used set of the 23s for around 200 bucks and a nice, used set for the 200s for about 300 bucks. 

As far as my tendencies go, I normally hit very high trajectory irons with a decent amount of draw in the shot shape. I can hit my 6-PW very consistently with misses tending to be just a touch fat or hit toward the heel/hosel of the club. I hit a full, flushed 7-iron about 155-160.  My 3-5 irons I rarely have to hit, but when I do, they usually fly straight, but come up thin sometimes.

So, what I need to know is, for the value/looks/performance, which is better for me. I've read good things/reviews about both. Top-lines typically don't bother me as long as they aren't super thick, but I don''t particularly care for really wide/think soles, backs, etc. 

I am also open to any other set of irons that I may have overlooked.


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I think you could use a good combo set with 3 and 4 hybrids included. This will fix your long iron thin shots because hybrids are so forgiving. And contrary to what some may say, you can still shape shots with hybrids. They work for me anyway. If I were your age and had your handicap I would be looking at a  gently used or on sale new combo set of Callaway Razr X Blacks. They have a great feel, nice topline with a not so wide sole with the exception of the hybrids of course. I don't know what your swing speed is but stiff flex sounds like it would work for you fine. 

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As you can tell I am a Callaway guy (yes I own some Rams as well) but if you like the Mizunos and want something with the same look and feel or better how about these.



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I play Pings but the Mizunos are great clubs, but how do you know the shaft and lie on used clubs will work for you? Some people don't believe you need to get fitted but I'm not so sure, it may help you select the right used clubs (unless of course you have already been fitted).

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Both the clubs you mention will hit the ball very high. I use and have done for several years, mizuno. They are great clubs but check our the peripheral weighted forged irons such as the mp range. Great clubs and great feel.

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