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Take a look at Dustin Johnson's backswing and position at the top. When I start opening the face on the way back I'll hit pushes. It helps me a lot to keep the clubface square as long as possible when hitting a draw. This gets rid of any unnecessary hand/arm rotation on the way down.
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If you are slamming the club face shut to hit a draw there is way to much timing involved. A draw should be a slightly open face with a slightly more open swing path all the way.

Well said....... With a proper alignment and swing path, you shouldn't have to do anything to make the ball hook.    For me as a lefty.....I align myself a little to the left...., and keep the clubhead square to where I want the ball to hook towards and just swing naturally to hit a 5yd draw. 


I do the opposite to hit a fade...   I setup 5yds to the right of target (I'm a lefty) and keep the blade square to the pin or wherever I want the ball to fade towards.  it's really not that difficult if you really think about it.    I prefer to hit a draw, but can hit a fade if there is big trouble left. 


My home course has two greens that literally roll straight off the fringe and down a cliff on the left......I hit fades into those holes..LOL

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