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From 210-200 yards

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Hitting my 3 iron to 210-200 is starting to kill my hands- the older one gets. Too much hammer time. I have hit a few hybrids and slowed down my fairway wood but it is not consistent. The 3 is more consistent but I still desire a smoother feel without too much pounding. I don't really like the look of the hybrid- rather hit a smaller fairway wood. I used to have a killer Hogen 5 wood way back when but it self destructed. Any suggestions on a successful long iron or hybrid or is there a "mini" fairway wood out there? Thanks

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You could look into getting a 3 iron from a set of Mizuno MP-H4 irons... they look very much like an iron but have a hybrid construction. They are based off of the old Mizuno Fli-Hi clubs (you could also look into one of those).


Here is one of the Fli-Hi models:



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Definitely check out the Fli-Hi. You can also find some decent earlier models in used club bins here and there.

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I know you said you aren't a fan of hybrids but I just picked up the Cobra AMP Cell 4-5 hybrid. Very iron like in feel and that's about how far it hit it.

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I know you've said that you have tried them, but maybe really give hybrids a chance.  They're easy to hit, and once you start hitting it well, the appearance won't bother you so much.

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Cavity back or game improvement iron?

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2nd the mizuno fli hi it is a very large hybrid iron i would be using that if the h-4 set wasnt similar

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Cavity back 845s.
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I replaced my Callaway Gold 3 with a Diablo Edge 3 hybrid....it is a great club. 

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21* Callaway X Utility, look and feel of an iron with a slightly wider sole and a shallower face.
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I use an old 7 Wood from 200 yards.  I'm more consistent with it than a hybrid, although a hybrid would probably be better from the rough.

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I currently have a 22 degree Ceveland Halo which took the place of my 3 iron. It is the older model of the current Hi-Bore series of hybrids from Cleveland. They are pretty aerodynamic but still pleasing to look at during the address. Crisp feeling and good results from my experience with it. Hope this helps. 

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I like the Cleveland looks. I have a Cleveland 3 wood that is priceless. I'll look at it this weekend. Thanks

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